Gettin' Stronger Everyday!.....

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Well, I'm not giving up this time! I bought myself a set of weights and barbell (another cheap find on Craigslist!). I am determined to stick with my strength training through the winter months and take the focus off so much cardio. I think I've gotten it through my thick skull now (after years of trying to lose 10 pounds) that I need to build muscle to burn the fat! So if it looks like I'm slacking in my exercise minutes, it's because I don't track my minutes of weight training!
My husband just switched over from cable t.v. to direct t.v. and I love it! We now have the Fit TV station and I can work out with Cathe Friedrich from 7 to 8 am before I leave for work! GREAT! I want to take a "before" picture and then another "after" picture in 6 months and see if I notice a difference. (maybe pose in my bike shorts and bra, that way you can see all the fat in my stomach area).
Wish me luck!
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