May you live in interesting times.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I am always so amused by that Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times". I try to remember that when I think I am bored. Are interesting times any better? There is usually something major going on to make things interesting. Sometimes those major things aren't that much fun but in retrospect. you grow from them. And sometimes they are just plain funny.

This past Wednesday marked a month that mom has been gone. One of my clients who was being cared for at home by her daughter reminded me so much of me and my mom. Her daughter and I bonded over our shared experience and she was there for me when my mom died which was so sweet as her mom was embarking on that same journey. Her mom passed on the month anniversary of my mom's passing when I was on call and it was a blessing for both of us that it was my call night. I am seeing the gifts of having gone through this and being able to really be there for others. This is no longer an intellectual concept for me. I have lived it...and am still living it. But I am seeing the beauty more and more. I have met so many wonderful families in doing what I do. It is such a beautiful gift to be able to be there for another's journey from life and for the families going through that with them

Yesterday, as I was driving from home to home, I was noticing the clouds. There was a storm front coming and half of the sky was clear blue and the other half looked like the tide rolling in. It was absolutely gorgeous and there was a clear line across the sky marking the beginning of that dark storm front. I watched it all afternoon at various times and when the sun started to set behind that front line, it was absolutely gorgeous! It made me want to get back into the cockpit and see the world from a Cessna. I haven't piloted a plane for a while now, but yesterday would have been a gorgeous day to do it.

All in all it was a good week. My friend in Vt and I had our first huge misunderstanding in 13 years. Another growth moment that we got through working together. Gotta love those. LOL

And oh...the dating scene is comical at this age. If anyone out there has a clue about men, send it my way. Mars and Venus indeed! More like Earth and Pluto. I have not lived a sheltered life. After all my years in psych I feel like I have seen or heard of it all. But the dating scene is an eye opener even for me. Come on guys...do you REALLY think that same old lame line you probably used on every profile you found interesting is going to get you anywhere with me? Gimme a break! (Eyes rolling here). That being said, I do have a date a week from tomorrow with someone who seems sane at the moment. We are meeting for lunch in a very public place and will chat for a while there, and then I made it perfectly clear that he goes home. He was totally on the same page with that so that was one mark in his favor for sanity. The "I wanna love you forever and get married and do whatever you want" guys that say that before you've lain eyes on them in real life are just plain creepy. I have a mental image of middle aged men still living with mommy in a room strewn with discarded undies and socks trying desperately to find a younger version of mommy. I'm all set with that, thanks! And I can't tell you how many nods, winks and flirts I am getting from 19 year olds! Um...have you looked at my profile guys? Have you noticed that your mother is probably younger than I am? I hate to burts your bubble kids, but I have never had a nintendo and a "date" evening with the Super Mario Brothers or Zelda doesn't sound like all that much fun. Besides, I can play WoW at home by myself. Skateboarding is also out. At this stage of the game, I'd like to keep my limbs intact.

So, life is interesting at the moment. Some of it comical, some of it learning opportunities, but it feels good to be part of life again. Life seems less like a spectator sport. And through it all, I managed to stick to my eating plan. emoticon
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    Many's the day I think of that Chinese curse and wish for a teensy bit of boredom...lol!

    It's great to hear you really connecting with your life and to see your wonderful humor again!

    4201 days ago
    Kerry, there are some real freaks out there! I hope your date goes well. There are bound to still be some good guys out there.
    4201 days ago
    I'm glad you're making such progress with everything, Kerry. Reading about other people's dating issues does make me even more grateful for my solid marriage. I hope next week's date is a good one for you.
    4201 days ago
    I hear you on the dating scene...I had one guy invite me out for "a romantic bubble bath and then an evening of making love." Um...wow. We definitely meet interesting people that way. Good luck with your upcoming date. I hope he's as normal as he sounds!
    4202 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4238235
    It sounds like things are going well for you! Keep hanging in there! And good luck on that next date!!!
    4202 days ago
    It glad to hear that you are becoming less of a spectator and more of a participant! And way to go on the eating plan!

    Meeting and dating people isn't something that I have done a lot of! Most guys either I already knew, or was introduced to by friends. Hang in there the right person that you can connect with is hard to find!
    4202 days ago
    Kerry I had to chuckle..one of my best college nights turned into my worst. I went out for a lovely dinner and then we went to a quiet little bar in Lake Placid. I really liked this guy...and thought wow this could progress into something good. He was totally polite and caring and handsome and everything i thought I wanted in a man. in short, he was like my dad in all his gentlemanliness and caring.
    soooo....we get back to my dorm. I was hoping for a quick kiss goodnite and a "when can i see you again?" and what i got was the octopus from the worst horror movie you ever want to see. it took me a while to extract myself, and when I did he got all huffy and his comment was: BUT I BOUGHT YOU DINNER!!!
    omg. then he said.."they dont call you the ice maiden for nothing!!!"
    this was the 70's. many women didnt care who or what the fell in bed with. the motto was if it feels good do it...
    except me....LOL!!!
    choose wisely, Grasshopper. you deserve the best!!!

    4202 days ago
    Oh my goodness, Kerry - I've recently tried to get back in the dating scene, and it is tough! The men are enough to make me want to be a lesbian! emoticon
    4202 days ago
  • DSPTCHR571
    Way to go!
    4202 days ago
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