Another year "almost" over ... and a new one just beginning ...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Okay ... who would have thought I'd be saying this a week before my 45th birthday but MAN ... turning 45 is pretty awesome!

First and foremost I'm blessed that I've lived such a full, rich life for 44 years and 359 days! It's also a little shocking, since the path I had taken after my 4 year Army stint I'd never had thought that I'd be celebrating my 45th birthday! Thank god for seeing the error of my ways in good time and actually having the courage to change!

Who'd have thought that I would have surpassed my long term goal weight loss in less than 8 months? Not me, not ever! But I did it ... with a lot of hard work and sweat and determination and most of all the help and support from my Rockabilly Bombshells team mates! Thanks gals for making my journey so awesome and "easy"! You're the best girls I've ever had the pleasure of knowing!!!!

I'm happier than I've ever been, I have a GOLDEN husband, I'm working, I'm healthy, I'm fit, I'm planning for our future ... and ... the future's so bright ... I gotta wear shades! D'oh! Lame 80's reference, but it's so darn true!!!

I am one rich lady! That's for sure!

So I've got to set new goals for my 46th year ... and those will be: To stay fit and healthy. To be the BEST person I can possibly be. To be HAPPY everyday. To remember everyday that I AM blessed and that I have a GREAT life. To be GRATEFUL everyday to and for my friends and family. And to INSPIRE people to live happy and healthy EVERY day.

So here's to turning 45 ... and to making my 46th year the best year I've EVER had!

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Be Positive! Be Strong! Be Confident! Be Committed!
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