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Addicted to Blogs / Jumping Rope!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I just LOVE to catch up with everyone and their blogs! Such inspiration, heartbreak, excitement, creativity, angst, curiosity...how can I resist? After all we're like one big family, right?

Well, I'm beginning to realize that I'm spreading myself a wee bit too thin and subbing to SO many blogs that I don't take enough time to (phew!) pause, reflect, and put some of my OWN thoughts down...!

I've been sticking with the nutrition tracking and although I got a tiny bit fuzzy with it over the weekend, I'm right back at it this week. Due to that fuzziness, however, I was nervously awaiting this week's weigh-in and feared a flat line or (gulp!) even a gain.

As tomorrow is a holiday for us state workers I would not be able to weigh-in on the scale our nurse kindly allows me to use each week. I always weigh-in around the same time (mornings) and under pretty much the same conditions:

---nothing touches my lips other than my morning vitamins/pills and a few sips of water
---all pockets are emptied, wrist-watch and shoes slipped off...if I had more privacy EVERYTHING would go...!

Anyone else get kinda wacky around weigh-in time...lol?

At first I thought...hey, wait till Thurs. and I'll have a chance to hedge my bets and another day of running under my calories!

But then I decided I just COULDN'T wait!

And...Ta DA! Two more pounds down! In SIX days instead of SEVEN! Woo hoo!

10 more pounds till ONEderland...7 more weeks...!

Feeling a bit jazzed when I came home I realized I did a smart thing: I put a jump rope in my car!

I have off and on attempted to jump rope over the past year. Klutz that I am I have only been able to get the darned thing past my feet 2, 3, maybe even 5 times before tripping up. The other day I realized I'm always trying this indoors under somewhat confined conditions where the rope will THWACK the ceiling or I'll bump into something. So I figured, 'hey, let's stick it in the car and perhaps a time will come along and I can work in some attempts outdoors without anything to get in my way.'

Well, although I had a ZILLION things I COULD have done instead, tonight I figure I've got the whole driveway to myself, let's give it a go!

So I really STUCK with it...klutzed my way through some feeble attempts, but kept going it, going it until...woo hoo! Managed a NICE sustained bit of jumping rope, actually even able to take my eyes off my feet and look straight ahead and keep up the jumping...! Whew! Nice quick way to work up a sweat! And the darned things are so PORTABLE too! Problem is...have to do this outside...when I'd rather be in a CLOSET so nobody could see me...lol! Another down side: I can hear the SLAP-SLAP of my belly flab as I jump...hard not to feel self-conscious about that. So while it's an UPPER to be able to DO IT, I have to keep kicking myself with reminders that I fought long and hard for that belly flab and the LAST thing I should do is feel SELF-CONSCIOUS about it!


You all know the struggle, I'm sure...!

Keep on SPARKING all you wonderful people out there!


PS...almost forgot...another holiday music recommendation for anyone who appreciates jazz / Brasilian music: A Brasilian Christmas:


As the reviewer says: "This is one of my favorite holiday albums. It was peculiar at first, combining the tropical warmth of Brasil with a holiday that conjures images of cold winter scenes for those of us in the northern latitudes, but very quickly one just sits back, smoothes out and enjoys the ride! I believe Oscar Castro-Neves has a significant presence on this cd, as well as other wonderful Brasilian guitarists. If you enjoy Brasilian, bossa-nova style music, you owe it to yourself to buy this album!"
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • S318830
    Nice job on the jumping rope! Very cool! And congrats on the weight loss. I'm glad you're in a push toward Dec 31st with me.

    And as one of the blogs you frequent, thank you! I love your comments! But I totally understand that by reading them all you run out of time for yourself. I wish I had more time to read other people's pages too. You'll find a good balance.
    4086 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/17/2009 1:44:51 PM
    Love your jump-roping in the driveway story. It is a great way to get some intense cardio in. So far I've only had the courage to try it here in the living room where space is tight - but maybe I'll get brave some time, too.

    10 pounds - wooohoooo! Wouldn't it be great to enter the new year in OneDerLand? You can do it!

    4092 days ago
    YEAH...keep rocking there Don!!
    2 pounds is exciting :)
    And I do the sans clothing thing because I'm in the privacy of my own bedroom when I weigh in..lol
    Course that could get complicated with a nurse standing by..lol

    As for the Brasilian thing...I LOVE BRASIL!!!
    Lived there for a while and miss it terribly!

    Keep going Don, your an inspiration to us all

    4092 days ago
    emoticon on the weight lose. This is just one more thing that you add to you exercising. Biking. Treadmill, Kayaking, now jump roping. You just amaze everyone Don with all your talents.

    God Bless.
    4093 days ago
  • FRECKS96
    I really do appreciate all your comments, but I understand how it can get out of hand! Congrats on the 2 lbs. and on finding a new exercise. I am still in the flapping stage.

    And, yes, I get a little wacky on my official weigh in day too, I think it's a requirement! emoticon

    Can't wait to celebrate your arrival in ONEderland with you! Keep up the great work!
    4093 days ago
    WTG on Jumping rope. I know how it feels working out in front of people. Can be pretty tricky and dangerous to do that inside the house though. Maybe in the garage? COngrats on your weigh loss also this week. You are inspiring to so many of us out here.
    Stay Strong
    4093 days ago
    Great on the rope jumping!

    Cheap and portable. How much better can it get? LOL

    Now all you need is a HR monitor so you can gauge how much exercise you're getting while doing it! hehe

    I haven't ever subscribed to a blog - I tend to look at the ones that show up in a few key groups, and then if I have time, I'll browse the popular and/or new ones.

    Congrats on the 2 lbs and keep on hopping, hehehe.
    4093 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/10/2009 9:31:15 PM
    Congrats on the belly flapping! Er, now, that's DEF a Spark thing, isn't it? Yeah, like the rest of world would understand it....
    And congrats on 2 pounds down. Supreme!
    4093 days ago
    I was a little self conscious of the things that would wobble when fake jump roping in the gym, but I'm over it now. But I FEEL YOU on that! Also - a big WOOHOO on being down another 2lbs! :D You are getting soooooo close to ONEderland now, that is awesome. :) I've cut down my blog subscriptions massively - Is till get a lot (yours is one I kept ;) hehe) but yeah... one day when my inbox was just PILED with notifications I just deleted any that I didn't feel excited/interested to read instead of reading them all out of duty. I found that I even felt like rolling my eyes/sighing before opening some of them... EEK! *shhh* don't tell!
    4093 days ago
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