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A Book Worth Rereading That Will Change the Way I Eat Permanently

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I rarely reread a book, but will do so with Dr. Kessler's "The End to Overeating." Knowing how foods are engineered so that we actually become addicted to them and literally "can't eat just one" is eye-opening. Knowing that some of that went on, I didn't realize the extent. It's important for me because, when I understand something, I am more likely to be successful at avoidance due to the content of most food. It's also valuable to realize that it's not just a matter of self-control. That it's a matter that hyperovereating gets imprinted in the brain and becomes a habit/addiction since it activates pleasure center paths. There are a number of reasons we may not be able to stop overeating by sheer willpower. In fact, if unaware of the physical dynamics, he explains why trigger foods are so powerful and can claim you back even if you've stayed away from them for awhile. Which is what happened to me as described in a recent blog.

Not only are foods engineered to keep you coming back, but to melt away fast in your mouth with the least number of chews so that you have to eat more and more.

It's worth checking out at the library if you can't buy the book. This is one of three, so far, that I'll be using as a reference as I continue to change my eating habits.

Wishing all a wonderful day.
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