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Monday, November 09, 2009

Us American’s love to eat. We like to indulge in pizza with all the trimmings… pepperoni, ham, olives, mushrooms, green pepper, chicken and tomato sauce. We like to order bread sticks or chicken with our order, dipping our wings in ranch too. Us American’s enjoy the many coke combinations known to man… Sprite, 7 up, Dr. Pepper and Sunkist.

A lot of us American’s even settle upon Burger King, Mc Donald’s, or buffet style meals. As we appreciate the variety of entrées were able to consume at reasonable prices.

Yes, in Tampa when I wanted a combiantion of food after an evening out with friends at church (which was a rare treat for me and happened once in a blue moon, since I believe in eating home cooked meals). I’d settle upon Golden Coral, Shoney’s, Ponderosa Steak House and even Sweat Tomatoes.

Any way and fast forwarding… for two weeks in the evening and all weekend, I had a good companion from University over who made herself at home in my house, as she used one of our office computers to work on a research paper for her criminal law class.

We settled upon evening tips to a college library, and when she was in my home, she’d worked in the home office, while I confined my-self to studying psychology in the living room. I made several pots of coffee over the two weeks, cappuccino mix, engaged in pulling all nighters, it was unbelievable.

The only time we left the house was for study breaks at mall, where we’d browse ultra, Bealk, Jc Penny and the other stores found in our community.

I must admit that my acquaintance is all about eating out. In the two years that I’ve known her and been invited into her home, I’ve never seen her cook a home style meal.

While she was here, there were many times where I’d pull something out of the freezer… chicken, turkey burgers, vegetarian lasagna, South Beach Diet Pizza etc.etc. and ask her if she wanted me to make something for her to eat. On more than one level she’d make up some excuse about messing up the kitchen, and we’d settle upon eating out instead.

If I got out so much as a pot and a pan and started cooking, she’d just nibble at what I made and the rest would go to waste.

This truly isn’t acceptable for someone on a strict diet, who is constantly watching her weight, doing there best to stick to the Spark People Diet plan and counting calories in an attempt to go from ugly looking clothing to slimmer looking clothing.

Let alone, while she was here, I consumed so much take out food that in one week of eating out I gained an astronomical amount of weight… about 10 pounds and paid for it by settling for 9 hours of working out Monday-Wednesday of last week.

Even so, when I do spend time with her or engage in a simple trip to the mall, no outing is complete without dining out at some fancy restaurant. I’m truly so sick of take out food, that when she calls me, I just either ignore her phone calls or make up some excuse for not wanting to hang out with her.

Has any one been in a similar situation, how did you / or do you handle a friend who is consumed with dining out and doesn’t believe in healthy nutrition? It’s true how your friends do influence your eating choices, yet I don’t want to be rude to her either. Any comments are greatly appreciated. thank you.
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    Hi all, thak you so much for all the comments on this blog post, it helps a lot. I really want to respond to every ones comments, so I'll do it here.

    LJCANNON: Yes, to answer you my friend does have severe weight issues. Not to be rude, but she's severely over weight. Yes, she does joke around with me a lot about how I'm always consumed with counting calories, fitness and eating healthy.

    I have suggested working out with her, playing tennis with her on Saturday mornings or may be even taking advantage of gym memberships with her, but they get blown off. I know, I can only take care of myself.

    Yes, I'm also concerned about my weight since everyone on my dad's side of the family is overweight and has diabeties and I'm doing my best not to follow in that life style.

    Thankyou for your imput too, I greatly apprecaite it.

    Family Friendly: I usually do my best to stick to grilled chicken too, salads, fish entres and seafood. It is healthier and usually only eat 1/2 of the meal and take the rest home. Either way, I think more pressure is put upon you when you dine out, because everything just looks so good.

    Danceliter" I didn't even think of the I Phone application, thankyou.
    3976 days ago
    Although it IS possible to make good and healthy choices when you dine out (I eat about 90-95% of my meals in restaurants) that is not the point here. Your choice and your preference is to eat at home. In my opinion your friend was the one who was rude, not you. If it was me I would be thrilled if you offered to cook for me while I was staying in your house.

    I'm curious about whether your friend has any weight issues or if she understands how hard it is to watch your calories when you are trying to eat out. emoticon

    Maybe in the future you could suggest she go by herself to eat out and then get together later? Or plead the expense. Just tell her you can't afford to go out.

    Good Luck, because I know you will get back on track and get rid of those fast food pounds quickly.
    3976 days ago
  • SUZANNE0606
    You're right, we Americans DO love dining out. It is possible to make great choices, though. Doing a little research ahead of time will help you. Research the restaurant that you will be visiting and check out the menu. Find the healthiest meal you can and stick with it. We actually eat out a lot and I usually order grilled chicken with salad.
    3976 days ago
    It is possible to choose carefully when going fast food.
    The nutrition tracker includes almost every combination of menu item at all the fast food places. If you have a phone app, it is easy to check before ordering. Salad with lite dressing vs standard dressing/whopper vs whopper jr./all add up. Have lost 25 pounds while eating out 90% of the time over the last 3 months. Just be fully mindful of the items you choose.

    3976 days ago
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