On feeling like I am catching a break...finally!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Oh my, it has been....................too long.

After a summer of strong resolve and progress came the autumn of excuses and procrastination. And boy am I an expert in those topics. We did not have a car so shopping was harder and I had to make these lovely fresh produces last the whole week, it was too hot, too wet, I had homework, I had job applications to be rejected for, I wanted to knit, i wanted to try just one more recipe from the evil muffin book, it's too hot for soup, it's too cold for salad....etc etc etc and so I started to eat sandwiches for lunch, and then muffins, and then sneaking in a chocolate bar, then replacing breakfast with a chocolate bar or a muffin...ouch.
But maybe more importantly I took the time off in my head so I could enjoy buttery brioche and warm ham and cook a full English dinner (complete with home-made beef and ale pie and apple crumble) when my parents came to visit. I won;t hide that it felt good and liberating to not have to watch every morsel, every crumb, every portion.
But somehow I did not completely lose the plot and I am happy to report that besides having low energy (I have not had my recommended dose of exercise in weeks) and floppy skin and erratic mood, I have not been piling on the pounds, so something must have stuck from my early efforts and changes implemented here.
I suppose I fed my low spirits both mentally and physically by not being so strict about my diet and exercise but the difference is that this time I have been feeling really annoyed at the downwards spiral.
And then it came.
After months of rejections I got an impromptu request for a phone interview.
I had little time to prepare and/or worry about it, as I got less than 24 hours notice.
That's probably a good thing because the job I was to interviewed for is a little---strike that----a LOT out of my comfort zone, but in the bets way possible: there is NO LABORATORY work involved (well, not for me anyway!) and I would get to rub shoulders with marketing people and developers and know: actual PEOPLE, rather than being isolated at a bench playing with test tubes, and pushing buttons on expensive analytical equipments. Yes, in many ways, the world of research is just like the labs in CSI. Without the glamorous people, the high heels, the exciting developments, the fancy offices with big glass panels.
Ok, so it is almost nothing like it...but the test tubes and the fancy equipment is the same ;0)

But I digress.

I had never had a phone interview so I still got all dressed up and made up to get in the right mood, and low and behold, they LIKED ME. So much so that they let me know 5 minutes after the interview they wanted me over for interview number 2 the following week.

Long story short, I spent the following weekend worried that I new nothing about product development, but hey at least I get to have some interview practice, but oh----booohoooo- if I don't I'll be so sad because that sounds like THE best job on Earth (disclaimer: in my humble opinion, of course). Than I got there and they did not try and trip me, they did not ask the difficult questions and they were lovely (despite putting me on the spot to test my actual knowledge of German). But they had other candidates to see so I would have to wait a WHOLE 3 DAYS to know the answer. I don't do patience.

The answer came a day and a half later.

"Could I indeed start on Monday as they would really like me in the team?"


So, it is only for 4 months initially and I have a planning for the next 3 weeks that takes 4 pages and requires from me to learn all about sales, pricing, project management, a whole range of product, etc but it is 35 minutes from my house, the salary is very decent and best of all it is all about flavours, and natural plant extracts and I can not remember the last time I got THAT excited about anything, let alone a JOB!!!

And as I will be the face customers get to see, it is my DUTY to look good, and conveniently they have a kitchen on site so I can bring my own lunches, so overall I say that's a pretty good reason to kick myself back onto the track of healthy eating.

Not sure when/how I'll fit the exercise in, but I'll find a way.

So roll on New Year, but in the meantime, I have to get my stuff ready for Monday :)
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