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Changed my goal (again) ...

Friday, November 06, 2009

I have changed my goal weight again ... to 145 ... that is the top of the normal weight range for 5'4". I will re-assess when I get there, I may just focus more on fitness rather than losing weight.

Several people have told me to stop losing - that I am good right now. These people have no idea how much I weigh. My Mom thinks I am taking it too far, my boyfriend is begging me to stop, Angie (who is absolutely gorgeous and perfect) said "You don't have 16 pounds to lose", Ben, last night, said don't lose anymore, that I am perfect now.

I have all this emotional baggage regarding my weight ... I promised myself I would make my goal. I have changed my goal weight several times. Who am I, if I'm not losing weight? I have been doing this for so long, I don't know what else to do.
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    it may be possible that they are worried that you may go too far with the weightloss. Sometimes family and friends cannot get use to the 'new you'. These are 'your' goals and remember you are doing this for 'yourself'. You've come a long way and you are almost there...more power to you!!!!!

    Sandra emoticon
    4079 days ago
    You look great. You know how your feel. If your mom is like my mom then she told you you looked great when you were over 200lbs. So I wouldnt worry about that at all. You goal is reasonable. My question is: When you get there, are you going to be able to stop?

    Just do what is makes you feel happy and makes sure that it is reasonable and in this case it definately is very reasonable for your size frame. You look great and all your hard work is paying off. You have been an inspiration to so many of us.I wish you well in what ever you decide.
    4081 days ago
    I'm encountering this a teeny bit lately. I'm 5'3" and last weigh in I was 126.5 lbs. But I *know* I have a ways to go yet, as I have fatty pockets that have yet to shed. My current goal is 115... and I'll see how things go as I get closer to that if I should be higher or lower yet. Who's really to know anyway, as it's been decade since I've been anywhere near the size I am even now.

    I fully agree with the others. It all depends on how *you* feel and what *you* want for yourself. I know myself, I won't be happy until all the fat is gone... tho I don't want to be boney. I just want to be the true me under all that skin.

    Anyways, looks like you have done AMAZING so far, so if you want to keep at it, then do it for yourself, and to feel better in your body, and let any comments otherwise fall to the ground because they aren't going to do you any good.

    Take care,
    4086 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/10/2009 8:10:47 PM
    I'm about 5'6'' and currently weigh 203... my first MAJOR goal it to get to 172 which would be a 50 lb total loss from where I started. I know that is still "overweight" but will be a HUGE change from where I started. Then I'm going to reassess and slowly work my way into the healthier zone. I think your goal is GREAT and I agree with THEANGRYGNOME that some people try to knock people down when they're doing something great for themselves.
    I agree with you that sometimes people don't realize what someone actually weighs. I showed my mom my license last month and how it says 175 and I told her that was my goal to get down to my license weight and she couldn't believe that I weighed 30 lbs more than that! Sure, it is my MOM and she loves me, but I do think that some of us are better at "hiding" those extra pounds. But who knows? You could lose the weight and realize it's very hard to maintain, or realize you liked how you looked better before, and maybe split the difference. As long as you are HEALTHY it is your choice and no one else's! Good luck!
    4086 days ago
    I think people get nervous when they see someone who used to be heavier suddenly getting slimmer and slimmer, they think maybe it'll go too far, she'll get too thin. They're right that you do look good now! I know a lot of people who originally set a higher goal weight that was more easily attainable, but once they reached it, they realized they could push themselves further. 145 is a healthy weight, I'm about 5'6 and my doctor told me to get down to about 145 (which I'd love to do.) Good luck! Your progress is quite an inspiration!
    4087 days ago
    These people are usually attached to an image they have of you. Be guided by healthy BMI, BF% and how you feel, they will soon get used to it.

    Funnily, I had the same thing when I was losing weight and eventually when I did get to goal, people got used to it :)

    As for defining who you are, get a new goal. I must admit that I have been fairly depressed for the better part of a year because I never made a new goal. (And I had achieved a lot leading up to that time too!)
    4088 days ago
    Personally, I don't think your goal is unattainable. You and I are about the same height. Some charts say we should weigh 135. I guess it's whatever we feel comfortable at and happy with ourselves. Ultimately it is OUR decision; despite what others think. You have worked very hard to come this far. Perhaps you CAN work out less and just eat the right foods. Last night I bought low carb ice cream bars and ate 5 of them! OMG, Christy, I just can't keep that stuff in my home. I really wanted to eat just 2 kept calling me. Then, I see how well you are doing and I do feel guilty. My WW scale read 201.9 this morning so I cheated weight! You inspire me and I know I will get a handle. Sometimes weekends I don't do so well. But all week at work I do good. Don't focus so much on the opinion of others. Do what you think is best. Only you know how you feel and have to live w/ yourself. Just smile and make your own decision. It's okay to change your goal. I may have to do that too when I get there. You're doing GREAT! I love having you as a sparkfriend to continue to encourage us.
    4089 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/7/2009 12:41:56 PM
    Well 145 is not too small. Maybe those people just like to see a woman be a bit curvy or maybe they are secretly worried you will be more attractive than them. Nothing wrong with changing your goal weight several time. I actually think its best to have mini goals that you change as you lose weight until you are the size you want within a healthy range. We actually have pretty much the same goal at within an inch of the same height. I'm about 5'4". And if your guys name is Ben, that is an extra coincidence because that is the name of my boyfriend. Once you lose all the weight you need to lose you don't have to lose that drive to be fit and interest in weight loss. Just try helping and advising other people on their weight loss journey. If you are worried you won't know who you are when you get to your goal weight, the good thing is that you can spend less time worrying about your weight and more time figuring out who you are.
    4090 days ago
    I'd agree with others - maintaining weight can be a challenge and interesting thing to keep up as well! There's other things to do besides lose weight - run, lift weights, challenge yourself to push yourself further with your fitness and things you couldn't do before :)

    You've done great so far! Keep it up!
    4090 days ago
  • LUCKY-13
    I think you'll find a challenge in maintaining the weight. While you won't have to work so hard, staying where you want to be will take some balance. Find a weight where you can be happy and healthy for LIFE, otherwise you'll be fighting an uphill battle forever. A lot of people go to a lot of trouble to lose the weight, and they look great afterward, but trying to stay that way - especially if you didn't really enjoy the journey there - will be difficult because not everyone will want to continue doing all the exercise and watching/tracking what they eat any longer. That's what makes it so easy to gain it back!

    4090 days ago
    I understand how you feel, l'm 5'3" & currently weigh 136lbs (l used to weigh 205lbs), my goal is 129lbs, people keep saying to me l don't need to lose any more, but l really want to get to 129 as it is the original target l had always hoped l could reach, my BMI at that weight will be 22.8 which l think l'll be happy with.
    4090 days ago
  • BARBARA8541
    Although they all think you look good, you will never be happy unless YOU think you look good. Weight really isn't anything as long as you are happy and healthy. Try not to fret so much. Its a good idea to just get to a healthy BMI and then reasess how you like your body then. Good LUCK!!
    4090 days ago
    I so think focusing on self images is such great advice! What is in a number? I am so much shorter than you and I will be thrilled to be at 140-150. I am just so tickled with my 30# down and will be thrilled to death with the next 30 even more. But am loving enjoying where I am at. Enjoy now, before it too is gone. Enjoy today and do not worry about tomorrow. You will never get this day back. So slow down an absorb how great it is to be you today. Work out and keep healthy, but enjoy. What good is the journey if you do not take the time to appreciate 'it's' specialness(I made this word up ;-) ?)
    Hugs, Em
    PS, besides you are stacked and that counts for a lot in so many ways;-) And besides there is so much special about 'you Christy' that is not weight and I think you need to find all that and give it a big hug and embraces you, because you are pretty darn special.
    4090 days ago
    Girl, i have been were your at years ago when I was over 200..instead of the weight loss you need to work on body image and how you see probably still see yourself as the fat girl no matter what anyone says or even looking in the mirror have to change the tapes in your head reprogram them..I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM AT MY HEALTHY WEIGHT that part takes time to except it's an acquired habit just like you did for yourself physically you have to do for yourself mentally... emoticon
    4090 days ago
    I'm 5' 4 1/2". I look my best at 145.
    Good luck with being "the best you that you can be" in all areas of your life.
    4090 days ago
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