Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Promise, or Repeat

Monday, November 02, 2009

S -OK, the rules are that you absolutely have to do whatever you choose. If you choose truth, you have to answer the question truthfully. If you choose Dare, you have to do whatever I tell you to do. Do you want to play?

Stephanie - Yes. Steph - Yes. Roses - Yes. Steph E - Yes.

S - OK, Stephanie you go first.

Stephanie - I choose… Truth

S- Is it true that you ate THREE chocolate chip cookies and then ate an order of French Fries all in one day?

Gasp from the others.

Stephanie, shamefully-Yes.

S- OK, It is Steph’s turn to go next.

Steph- I choose… Promise

S- Do you promise to NOT eat the last five fun size Reese’s peanut butter cups hidden in your kitchen cabinet?

Steph- Oh, man…. I don’t have a choice do I?

S- Nope.

Steph- I promise.

S- Great! Now, it is time for Roses to go.

Roses- I choose to Repeat

S- Ok, Repeat after me. I won’t…

Roses- I … won’t…

S- …wear any color other than black because it makes my ass look big.

Roses- (pause to show shocked affect) … wear any color other than black because it makes my ass look big…

S- OK, now it is time for Steph E

Steph E – I choose truth.

S- You can’t. Stephanie already did truth so you have to choose dare or double dare.

Steph E- You never said that in the beginning.

S- It’s my house. I get to make the rules!

Steph E- Fine. I’ll take dare.

S- I dare you to flush all the chips down the toilet… WITH all the chip dip.

Steph E – No way.

S- Fine. You can’t play with us.

Steph E – You are just mean, mean, mean…. FLUSH (sob)

S- That was fun. Do you guys want to play again?

Stephanie – Wait, you didn’t go yet.

S- I don’t have to it’s my house.

Steph – Well, ok, I’m leaving then.

All – Me too.

S- OK. I’ll do a truth

Steph E – No way. Only Double dare is left.

S – (looking ashen faced) Are you sure?

Stephanie – But we’re going to need to consult first

The other four go in to the corner and whisper.

Stephanie – Ok, S, We double dare you to WEAR A BIKINI to the lake next summer!


S- That’s the last time I play this game!
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