Stumbling Blocks

Monday, November 02, 2009

I am totally frustrated with the gym on base. where I work out. I am visiting my daughter in wichita falls texas, so we are going to the gym at sheppard air force base. I have gotten her into the whole routine, and she is losing weight , building muscle, and feeling really good.
Any way, I get to the gym Friday, start to warm up on the treadmill when this young fella comes over and says I'm sorry miss but you can't be in the gym with that top on. I had on a reebok workout top. It was sleeveless, but showed no other flesh. Evidently some general on base decided there will be no tank tops or sleeveless tops allowed in the gym anymore. Have you ever heard anything so stupid. We are in a gym for pities sake. I for one am a heavy sweater, so long sleeves seem to smother me when I work out.
I am not going to let this hinder me though. Thanks for letting me rant.
I did send a nasty comment to services on base!!!
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