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Goodbye Kidney Stones!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A huge thank you to the many of you who prayed for my husband, Bill, and for me, too, as he had his kidney stone procedure yesterday. He'll have another one, for the right kidney, that one requiring a few days hospital stay, in December. So please don't quit praying, yet! The outpouring of concern and love and encouragement from my precious SparkFriends, our other online friends, our local friend and family blessed me so much. You boosted my faith and strength greatly.

The entire day was blessed in so many ways. First of all, they allowed me to stay in the tiny room they put is in when we arrived as I waited for Bill to have the procedure. This meant I didn't have to set up shop for the five hours of waiting out in the busy waiting area. I had enough stuff with me to keep boredom and hunger at bay!

1. My laptop (I have a laptop now, first time in my life!!)

2. My book bag with my 90 pound, large-print bible and study books in it

3. My purse that weighs a ton

4. My insulated bag with four servings of fruit and two of raw veggies, four bottles of water, two garlic chicken sandwiches on multi-grain bread (one for breakfast and one for lunch), cucumber/tomato salad, and a 100 calorie packet of mini gummi bears (for nervous chewing!)

Can you imagine me carrying all that every time I had to go tinkle? lol I was able to use the little table that goes over the hospital bed and spent nearly three hours of my waiting time talking to the Microsoft tech who took control of the laptop to try to get it to WORK. Windows 7 is brand, spanking new and has LOTS of issues. It's gonna take some serious tweaking. It got me to SparkPeople just fine, and that was a plus! Getting me to Charter's web-based mail was another story. It finally did work but it took hours, so I didn't get through a lot of Spark mails while at the hospital. I'll be all set up for the days we spend at the hospital in December, though!

I LOVE the urologist we finally ended up with. I prayed a lot that we'd have the best one for Bill. He was twice in the hands of other urologists and circumstances happened that prevented him from going into any kind of procedure with them. I knew this was the right man. He is a nice man, very pleasant, really listened to what we were saying. The right kidney is far worse than the left, but the left one was obstructed, so it had to be done first. When I saw the doctor in the hallway as they were wheeling Bill from the little room to the OR, he told he he'd been thinking about Bill having to go until December 3 with the substantial pain in the right kidney and he decided, since he was inserting two stints on the left side, to insert a thinner one on the right, hoping to give relief from some of that right-sided pain between now and when they do the more invasive procedure on it. He was attentive to the complications we face with Bill working out at sea four weeks and then being home two weeks. I appreciate that so much!

After the stints were in and Bill was being moved to the spot where they'd do the lipsotripsy (3,000 hits of soundwaves), the doctor came to the little room where I was waiting. In his hand he had two implements that can only be described as mini rotorooters, very much like the snakes a plumber uses to clear blocked toilet or bathtub lines. He said he figured that Bill, being a boat captain, would be interested in the mechanical side of how things work, so he salvaged the two disposable instruments that are used to go in through the penis, up through the urinary tract, all the way through bladder, and on into the kidney, then opened (See the little "basket" and the three tee tiny claws on them in the photo?) to capture the stones and reverse route to get them out of the body and analyzed. They captured the one obstructing the left kidney and then busted up the two remaining stones in the left kidney with the soundwaves.

Here's a close up for you.

The doctor said he figured Bill might want to take these to the boat when he returned to work as a sort of show and tell. LOL It's GOTTA be a boy thing. It gave me the willies just to LOOK at them. I thought it was neat, though, that the doctor thought enough about Bill to bring them back to me. He really thinks of his patients as PEOPLE, as people with lives that extend beyond the operating room. That's rare these days!

When it was all over and Bill was in recovery, the doctor came back to me and explained every single part of what they had done to my husband and why. He spied the laptop and my other things and commended me for using the down time wisely instead of wasting it. I got to tell him about SP and my successes here. He wanted to know about the Windows 7 issues. He noticed some new computer equipment on the wall behind me and asked: What's all THAT?! I looked behind me and replied that I hadn't a clue. It was obviously something new that he'd not seen there before. He surmised it was some new equipment for monitoring vitals. Then he grinned real big and said: Now see? You should have told me you set that up so you could do work while here and I'd have told everyone I met today how impressive you are for hooking all that stuff up on the wall! LOL He was too cute. Gotta love a man who is so happy in his work and in his life. I have a lot more faith in someone like that than someone who's forgotten how to smile or laugh, how to be interested in what's new in his surroundings and why, interested in how a wife is spending her time waiting while he does surgical procedures on her husband. For me, those traits in our urologist are a prescription for confidence!

The chef turned ship's captain patient is feeling much better today. He feels battered and bruised, of course, very sore, but he feels definite relief in even the right kidney, thank God. That was a big concern for me. He felt so good today that he even went to creating in the kitchen and made me a wonderful dish with pasta and tuna. If you go to my SparkPage and click MORE on the far right, then FAVORITES, Tuna Putanesca will be there. Super tasty stuff!!

Thank you again and again and again! I so appreciate you taking these many and varied steps of life with me. Your presence in my world makes EVERYthing easier, more bearable, sweeter, more fun. Much love and abundant blessings to you!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    LOL...........OMG I am losing it. I was reading your blog about Bills kidney stones, and happen to look at the bottom and saw a big plate. My first thoughts were Yuk, are those Bill's kidney stones?? Why in the world would Missy put his stones on a plate and take a picture of them? emoticon
    4273 days ago
    Hi this is harold, God my fulness son, i am glad that the first surgery was a success! mom has been keeping me posted, (this boy comes down from the upper peninsula every so often to see his momma) I look forward to hearing the good report after decembers surgery, our prayers are with you have a great day emoticon
    4283 days ago
    That's great news! So important to find the right doctor, too. Thanks for sharing the praise as well as the prayer request.
    4289 days ago
    Missy so glad it all went well...thanks for the prayers covering me...It could have been worse!
    Much love,
    4291 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Missy ~

    I am not quite sure how things in the sharing pass me by - sometimes I feel as though I exsist in a daze! emoticon Although I was aware that someone had pre-op procedures going on, I was unaware that the "someone" was your Bill. Knowing that our Abba had all the details, I lifted a prayer for His will in the situation. I am so very thankful that His answer was smooth sailing for both Bill & you. May it be so for the second surgery in December!

    Be blessed, dear Sister!


    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4291 days ago
    Missy I am so happy things went well and that he gets relief real soon for the other kidney. I used to have kidney stones all of the time. Mine were aggravated by eating animal protein, for some reason my body just doesn't handle breaking it down to well.

    Once I switched to a Vegetarian diet, no more kidney stones. I don't know if that will help Bill or not but it may be worth a try.
    4291 days ago
    Ah, Missy - what great news! I'm so happy for you both! And the urologist sounds like a keeper. Those devices, though, look downright scary...and that little basket :::shudder:::! I'll bet Bill's thrilled that 50% of this is all over now - whew! Smooth sailing in advance for the right kidney - but the doctor sounds so promising and reassuring. All the best, Susan
    4292 days ago
  • SUSAN134
    Missy, I'm so thankful that everything went okay for Bill and that you also had a good day. The doctor sounds like a gem! How lucky you both were.

    "The doctor said he figured Bill might want to take these to the boat when he returned to work as a sort of show and tell. LOL It's GOTTA be a boy thing"

    LOL...I think so!

    Going to check out that tuna dish, it looks SO yummy!

    4292 days ago
    Missy, I'm thrilled to hear that everything went so well! You are so right about the difference a truly caring physician makes.
    I'm glad that Bill and you both survived this first procedure, and pray that the next one goes just as 'easily'!

    Great pictures!

    4292 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/30/2009 12:12:02 AM
    Such good news for both of you. -- Lou
    4292 days ago
    PTL!!! emoticon for the update.
    4292 days ago
    Missy, I'm so happy to hear that things worked out so well--the choice of doctor--the wonderful results for Bill--the room for you--God answered a lot of prayer.

    I can't believe he is up so soon after his procedure--and cooking a meal! God is good and gracious! We need to keep praying that Bill will continue to do well until his next surgery. Hugs.
    4292 days ago
    Praise God for a fantastic urologist, a wonderful hospital and that Bill is doing so well...well enough to be cooking a special meal for you!!! How great that everything was put off until all the best could come together for Bill. All in God's time. Keeping Bill in prayer that all goes well until his next surgery and that any pain he has is very minimal.
    Blessings and hugs,
    4292 days ago
  • LINDA25427
    Missy continueing prayers . Glad your DH Bill is doing better. God is such an awesome God with the answer to everything .Happy for you both . Hope you have a great weekend .God bless.

    4292 days ago
    Missy, I rejoice with you in everything that has happened! Sometimes, when things are dleayed, it can be annoying. Obviously, there were reasons. Having the right Dr. at the right time in the right place...

    I am so glad to know his pain is manageable. And wow, for him to be up and cooking so soon is a great indication that he is on the mend! As far as the equipment, that is the first time I have ever heard of a Dr. giving the patient the equpiment. I have a little bag somewhere with my gallstones in it. LOL

    We will continue to pray for him, and that his other surgery will go even better than this one did.

    Blesings to you, Bill, and the whole family;
    Hugs & love you;
    4292 days ago
  • SJG1953
    Missy, I didn't know about your Bill's medical problems until now, but I sure will pray for him now and for the procedure in December. Our God IS truly an AMAZING, WONDERFUL God. Praise His sweet name forever! God bless you and your family. Hugs, Shirley
    4292 days ago
    There was never any doubt the God would guide you both through this and send the right doctor to you. Praise His Holy name. I'll continue to keep you both in my prayers and tell Bill that's a pretty intimidating roto-rooter he was holding up, I'm not so sure seeing that would make it any easier on me. But I would DEFINATELY keep that for a conversation piece. LOL
    God Bless! Rick
    4292 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5468515
    Joy! Hooray for caring physicians! And cheers for you "packing your bags!" You did great! And the tuna sounds good, too!
    4292 days ago
  • BIGDAD1211
    Thank God Bill is doing well! I am so happy to hear that! Great picture of the DH. I will continue to keep him in my prayers
    You r Friend form the East Coast
    4292 days ago
    God's blessings to you both! We are rooting Bill on for a speedy recovery! emoticon
    4292 days ago
    How wonderful! I'm so thankful Bill is feeling well enough to prepare a tasty dish for his sweetie. emoticon I'll continue to pray for this time of recovery as well as his future procedure. Thanks for the show 'n tell too! emoticon
    4292 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4114015
    Missy, this is an awesome testimony to God and how He works. I am so glad all the prayers were heard and helped. He is an awesome God.
    I also can't wait to check out that recipe...and from your chef husband no less! WooHoo!

    I had heard Windows 7 was really issuey (is that a word?) but anyway you have more patience than I. I never get anything brand new like that until I hear from someone that all the kinks are definitely out of what ever it is. You go, Girl!

    And finally, that paraphenalia in the picture scared the willys out of me too!

    All in all I am so thankful for you and that you day turned out to be well...even if ouchy!
    4292 days ago

    I'm so glad you found such a great urologist, and wonderful hospital. And I'm especially glad Bill is feeling so much better.

    The technology thing isn't just a guy thing. When my husband had knee surgery this summer, we both were curious about the bone graft. Mike also wanted the plastic that had worn out in his knee, and had to sign papers to get it.

    On the other hand, the surgeon offered to show me a videotape of a surgery I had. I declined. So maybe it's more4 a guy thing after all.

    So glad Bill's doing better, and will keep praying for him to do well until his next surgery.

    4292 days ago
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