P90x-Phase 1, Day 1 (Lean Program)+Before Pics

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So, I've finally decided to start P90X. I'm very excited about the program but at the same time have some mixed emotions. I'm hoping to see a lot of inch loss....weight loss is great too, but when I had lost about 40 pounds I still looked the same but just a smaller versions, so inches is primarily my main focus. Last night, was officially the first night of the program. My sister and I did Day 1 of the Lean Program; Core Synerg. It was very difficult, but we did what we could and kept moving. Mostly modified versions. We did not have yoga mats b/c I thought the carpet would be enough but it wasn't so mats are on the shopping list. I will be doing the eating plan (Fat Shredder) for the first round since I do have more weight to lose than most doing the program but I will keep an eye on my energy levels just in case I have to add another carb serving or two. I'll be doing a blog once a week, but only photos after each phase. Right now P90X is all I'm doing. I want to be accountable so I'm just committing to this for now, maybe I'll add more workouts later. Ok, so workout 2 tonight...wish me luck. See ya in 6 days.
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