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Sunday, October 25, 2009

So as many of you know I’ve been sick for two weekends or one week going on two. An essential to getting better is to REST. I hate voluntarily resting for more than a day. So this has been really rough on me, but it has given me extra time on SP ;) which I am absolutely addicted to.

So this morning I officially emptied my gmail account AND SP e-mail. I have touched base with everyone either last weekend or this weekend or both that’s on my friends list. I even organized my friends list via my page. After doing so, I discovered through the friend feed that it’s already done for you. Lmao. For those who have not explored friend feed options, you should do so. I also discovered how to turn off alerts being sent around when I comment on pages and such. Yay! That way my friends don’t get annoyed with my pro activeness.

After everything was done, I decided to be a good friend to JUNIAATROME who is leading some new member class groups. I went to the recent group and started clicking around and welcoming people to SP, and giving simple advice that helped me when I started. For example, take small steps so you don’t become overwhelmed. I think the biggest mistake one can make is to join billions of groups and commit to dozens of challenges right off the bat. Sets you up for failure. I also recommended my favorite group for motivation and support. Done! A few have already joined :p

So about 20 pages (listing pages) in out of 550 something I started seeing Spark Pages with NO comments!!! I was in total shock. Some did not even have that group ad that is normally first to hit the page. I was confused by this. How was this possible? Hmm maybe they deleted their comments. Personally, I would only delete a comment if it annoyed me and provided no information or inspiration. The more I thought about it I realized I have become a groupie, and that I don’t communicate with people outside my groups very much. Of course that’s because they keep me busy welcoming and well wishing and checking in on. But still.. I was that person in school that got along with almost everybody. I was never in a specific group. So I was nice to everyone. I always tried to help if I could. Then I had a “moment”. I realized SP was lacking these mutual non-groupie people, or maybe they haven’t thought about it.

I started looking at the class groups and saw some really high numbers… like 22,000! That’s A LOT! It took me like five hours to do like 115 listing pages. Yes, automated emails can be sent around. But there is no automatic commenting to my knowledge. Wait, if someone tells me there is, I’m going to be really mad at this point. No I won’t because I enjoyed reading the pages. The support is sufficient out there but the first few weeks/days are really important to baby sparkers. They will either stick around or disappear after a few weeks. I know. I have done that in the past. This time was different for me, because I discovered the Done Girls group. I am now addicted to SP. I check my e-mail every morning and during the day waiting for new comments and friend notifications. It’s wonderful! I know I know we’re all here to lose weight, but doesn’t it make everyone feel good to know that someone took the time to leave you a note or was inspired enough to add you to their friend list. Well… IT DOES ME! Especially if it is just a random note of kindness.

I decided to act on “the moment.” I first searched for a group that may have fit this category. By the time my browser pulled up the results it had occurred to me that if they were fulfilling their purpose then every page on SP would have comments! So I started a new group, TWC – The Welcoming Committee. OMG, I just realized after typing TWC that that is short for The Weather Channel. LMAO. In that case, our forecast will be sunny and simply delightful. Our mission will be simply what every other welcoming committee has ever done. Welcome, grow your flowerbed of friends, and motivate baby sparkers and check in on teenage sparkers to make sure they are still motivated. Hopefully by adulthood they will want to join us. ;)

So that’s the long version. I will fill in the details later, but feel free to join me on my quest. I can’t welcome thousands alone, and still squeeze in losing weight. Even though I did manage my gallon of water today! BUT if I have others helping me it can be tackled! Right now there are thousands joining every week seeking support and motivation. When the book hits shelves in January… the Spark will no longer be just a spark. It will be a forest fire! There will be millions joining (I hope!) and we need a poa on how to tackle the masses! :)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SHANNJ77
    I love, love, love your attitude! I use this site quite a bit, but I really need to get into it further... I keep losing this darn weight, but I always seem to still be right on that edge of slipping into bad habits. Its all about motivation and accountability for me.... so frustrating! Thanks for all the sparkiing you are doing! I'm sure it's helping many!!
    3794 days ago
    Hola Chica, sure add me on it's a great ideal. I added on you as a friend and joined the team. I also co-lead a team:: "Girlies ditching +100 " you're welcomed to stop by my page and check-it out. Congrats on your weight loss you're doing great, take care. Josée emoticon emoticon
    3803 days ago
    ATTA GIRL LIS!! you are unfolding your petals and letting the sunshine in, all the way in! keep on motivating others and helping us all grow. i was bopping around here for the first month or so, kinda lost and overwhelmed at the same time.

    i joined a few groups and got the standard welcome to the team emails from team leaders. i didn't think others really cared until i joined DONE girls and the mail, comments and friends starting rolling in. you were one that welcomed me because you are an outgoing, caring member. i felt like i belonged to this big site finally and there were members that WANTED to help!

    thank you personally for helping light the spark for me! good job girl!! stay a bright sparkler for all to see. i'm on board for whatever help you may need to welcome our new sparkers.

    3803 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6013596
    It's a wonderful idea. I just joined SP recently and I became a Done Girl at the same time, so I have felt the support from the team. But if I hadn't joined the Done team I would have felt very "alone" in here. Thank you for being you!
    3806 days ago
    "OMG, I just realized after typing TWC that that is short for The Weather Channel. LMAO. In that case, our forecast will be sunny and simply delightful." lmao!
    Good on ya for making this group! There should be more people like you in the world and on here (there will be with your new group!) I always enjoy your comments on my page :)
    3808 days ago
    Hello! I would like to join TWC since it is my first day. How do I join a private group? :) And thanks for all of your motivating. I have thoroughly enjoyed your pictures and blogs!
    3808 days ago
    What a good idea!
    3808 days ago
    Good job on being a Done Girl Motivator. I think you have a good idea. Great job on the weight loss.
    3809 days ago
    Sounds like you've been using your down time from being sick to do some really wonderful things for other people. I hope you feel really good about yourself (even if you're not 'feeling good' right now in general)!

    3809 days ago
    You are the coolest!!!!!
    SP addicts unite!!!
    3809 days ago
    Well frankly I really enjoyed your activities on the friend feed. It let me know when you were active and when not. You were one of the first people to reach out to me and have been supportive in good times and when I was losing it. I do appreciate it. Let me just say thank you! It's been meaningful. I think now, you better understand what I meant when I said I had a hundred e-mails. emoticon
    3809 days ago
  • CGREEN717
    Great job on starting that team. I think it's a great idea.
    I also started Farmtown Lovers recently too.
    There is definitely a lot to do with Spark People!! If I could afford to get the book, I'd do it in a heartbeat, but funds are tight.
    Hope you feel better soon!
    3809 days ago
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