Sunday, October 25, 2009

This has been a rough summer/fall for me. First with dh being sick and still dealing with that then my injury to the knee and the long recovery which is still going on. I've been depressed I guess or in a rut of some sort... I was not paying any kind of attention to my diet, was not allowed to exercise other than physical therapy and basically was a mess. I go to the doctor on tues hopefully he can tell me I can go back to work which though stressful i need. A few close coworkers stopped by on friday and I realized I have sort have become a recluse other than doing a couple of craft fairs and trips to the doctor. IT's time for me to crawl out of this hole and start spark people again. I'm not where I was before weight wise but it's creeping upward and I'm really sick of being down in the dumps. I'm walking better and I'm taking a trip up to my barn and spending time with my horses.
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