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10/24/2009 - I need non-SP advice, please help.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I was accepted into graduate school as a "provisional" student. Meaning, I didn't meet their qualifications and I was on a probation type thing. I have to get all B's this semester or I get kicked out of graduate school. Yes. Kicked out and done for.

As of right now I have a struggling C in Forest Ecology. (A 70%, the lowest possible) and I need an 80%, the lowest B possible.
We've only had one exam out of 3 and only 1 lab out of 4. We also haven't had any of the three homework assignments.

Meaning I still have 2 exams, 3 labs and 3 homeworks to score well on....you'd think I have plenty of time to make up my grade.

But wait.
If I think I'm not going to cut it, I can withdraw from the class and get a "W" on my transcript and NOT get kicked out.

There is a withdraw deadline, November 9th.

The problem is my 2nd exam is Nov 6th!! 3 days before the deadline, which means I have to decide NOW if I think I can make it.

If I think I can pull it off.

If I think I can get a B.

I have to decide now, based on my one, single exam.

Do I risk it?

Is this too major to risk??

Should I play it safe and withdraw and then I'm stuck an extra semester?

Should I stay in the course, and if I get a "C".....I accept it?

Do I stay in the course and by positive mindset, PASS??

Oh-mi-gosh .


What Do I Do??????

EDIT: My exam is the NINTH and my withdraw date is the SIXTH. Withdraw is BEFORE the next exam!!!
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    That's a tough one, but you got lots of great advise.

    Looking forward to hearing what you chose to do.

    Have a great day
    Sorry I'm so late, and awol, just too many irons in the fire, LOL

    3161 days ago
    Okay- I never went to college- so take that into account when you read my advice.
    I agree with most of the previous replies. this is a huge decision that only you can make.
    I like the idea about talking to your professor and seeing if you can take the test early, but if that's not possible- only you know how you'll do. Dropping the course may be a good idea if you're not confident that you can get the grade up. Finishing it by having to do an extra semester is way better then not being able to finish at all.
    Best of luck with whichever you decide :)
    3163 days ago
    Without reading what others posted I'm going to give you my advice as a Graduate student.

    First, talk to the professor. See if it is possible for him to grade your test before the 9th, take the exam... get your grade back. If you show notible improvement and feel confident that you can repeat the process, then I would stay in the course. Talk to the prof about possible tutoring options.

    If the professor is not willing to assist you by grading the exam before the W/D deadline, then I would withdraw. This is my oppinion. If i were in your situation I would drop course and stay the extra semester. Especially with such strict guidlines and the risk of being tossed out of the program.

    At this point it is more important for you to have to stay another semester, then to not be able to complete the program at all.

    I hope that helps.
    3164 days ago
    That's a hard decision. It's probably one only you can make based on your confidence that you can bring your grade back up. Perhaps your professor can offer some options, like extra credit should you still not be at a B level after the exam or some study tips now.

    Some encouragement -- I finished my Masters in 2007 after many starts-and-stops and different schools for various reasons. But it was important to me to keep working toward that goal. Whatever happens, you'll get that degree!

    Hope just making the decision (either way) gives you some peace.
    3164 days ago
    I agree that only you know if you think you can pass. Here's one way to make the decision...flip a coin. Heads you stay in, tails you're out. Then, pay attention to your feelings/emotions/whatever when the coin lands. That will tell you your true feelings.

    Good luck!
    3164 days ago
    Well, only you can know whether or not you can do this. But I am guessing you thought you could in the beginning or you would not be there in the first place. You knew you needed to get all B's and you went for it anyway. I have 2 children who graduated from college and one in her 3rd year. If you were my child, I would tell you to go for it!

    Good luck with whatever your decision is.
    3164 days ago
  • MAGSA10
    This sounds like something that only really, really you can answer for yourself. I would do what the other two bloggers suggested first. But, really you are the one who has to do the work. Just ask yourself, "Can I do this?" is this what you want? I want to wish you much success in what ever you decide on, as it is you that has too make the choice. Good luck and stay strong.

    Maggie j. emoticon
    3165 days ago
    Can't help you here.
    3165 days ago
    Would you be able to retake the course later if you withdraw? Because that could be a consideration. Better to redo later if you are not sure. But I would weigh your options VERY carefully until the last moment.
    3165 days ago
    Given the deadline to withdraw is 11/09 and the 2nd test is 11/06 I'd talk to the professor and discuss your situation to see if you would be able to find out how you did before the deadline...I'd also ask about extra credit projects that may help you if you have time for that kind of thing...If you need the course for your major, check to see if the option is available to take the course Pass/Fail. If you are enjoying the class, and the professor is agreeable to providing the results in a timely manner use the 2nd test to see if it is the turning point where the topic begins to mentally gel for you or not then act!
    3165 days ago
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