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11 more days!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I have 11 more days until this cast comes off my foot. I still have to wear a splint/boot but at least I can take the darn thing off! Then I can get a better idea how my weight maintenace during this rehab is truly going. You should see me now - I weighed when I got home from the hospital - teetering on the one foot with the cast just resting. I used that as my "maintenance" weight. I weigh myself daily and make sure I stay within 2 pounds up and down of that weight. I know - crazy but hey when you can't really do much exercise (I can get some done but not alot), I can only do this by watching what I eat. I worked too hard to lose this weight to suddenly have to deal with a 10 pound gain.

You know for someone who is basically stuck at home using a knee scooter, I manage to stay really busy. Busy enough that even though I set a goal to update this blog at least once a week, I still manage to blow that goal We have been searching for a place to live. Managed to miss out on the small cottage on the beach by our house. Clearly it wasn't meant to be and to be honest, I was a bit stressed on figuring out how I was going to fit my "kitchen" into the tiny one that it had. My hubby kept mentioning how I would have to downsize my kitchen - you know, go thru appliances, gadgets, and the horror - my spices? HELLO - I am not tossing these things out when I would just end up buying them again! emoticon The compromise I came up with is that most of our stuff (read MY stuff) would have to go into storage until I could go thru it all. Basically my daughter and neighbor has volunteered to pack everything I can't do (which let's face it - is most of everything). It will be easier to move it into our storage until I can deal with it. We have an appointment with a property management company on Monday to see another house which is in the next town over but within walking distance of a different beach. Keeping our fingers crossed on this one because it has a woodstove AND a fireplace AND a kitchen that is the same size of my current one. Priorities ya know...hehe.

Ms Aliegh is now crawling easily backwards and still working on forwards - she has faceplanting down pat though! She is such a cuddle bug. She has decided that when she is tired, she needs to be in my lap. She will cuddle until she falls asleep. God forbid if I try to put her down though! I have become quite efficient at typing with one finger and using my laptop while she sleeps! The lastest in baby food cooking adventures: I decided to make teething "cookies". She still hasn't had a tooth surface but is shoving everything in her mouth and drooling up a storm. So I found a simple recipe (1 cup rice cereal, 1 cup flour of choice, 1 cup unsweetened juice) and tried my hand at it. We shall see how well they work for her when she comes over tomorrow (of course Abe will help if they don't work out).

More Halloween madness:


Chicken eating her "cookie"
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great pics! It's good to read your upbeat posts. I'm sure you'll find a great place soon. You deserve it.
    3091 days ago
    Good for you - stick toyour guns on that kitchen - you spend a great deal of time cooking and enjoy it so you need it!

    Hope the cast comes off soon and you weigh less than before LOL! I'm sure you maintained - you are so good at this lifestyle.

    Aliegh is adorable - how many Halloween costumes can one small child have - unlimited if her Grandma is Kierae!
    3094 days ago
    3097 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    Take care of yourself and keep up the positive outlook. I know you'll find the right place for you and your family. Such cute pics!
    3098 days ago
    om my goodness! she's SO ADORABLE!!!! :) and you take care of yourself Kierae!!! emoticon
    3098 days ago
    Always fun to dress up a little doll.

    You need to hold out for a good kitchen. I would never part with so much as a spatula from my kitchen. I cook 3 meals a day seven days a week and I am not skimping in this area. The thought of a tiny kitchen almost makes me claustrophobic or sick. LOL. My husband liked this other place that had a full basement when we were buying a house and it had a corridor kitchen. I said, "No way in...........!!"
    3099 days ago
    Great news - getting that cast off soon!
    Those are great pictures, too!

    As for moving, wow! I hate moving. It's so hard to keep our routines and keep organized while moving. I'm moving in a few days, myself. The house is a total wreck, boxes everywhere, absolute chaos!

    I hope your healing and your moving goes as well as possible!
    3099 days ago
    Wow it sounds like things are moving along. I am excited for you for the possible new digs! I will keep my fingers crossed for ya!

    Congrats on the countdown to getting the cast removed. Woo hooo!

    Aleigh is so cute!
    3099 days ago
  • BEFIT018
    Cute pix!

    The new house sounds wonderful! Keeping my fingers crossed that you get it! emoticon

    3100 days ago
    Great pics!

    I think you are right to make the kitchen a priority in your search for a new home. You just wouldn't be happy, otherwise, would you?

    Here's to your 11-day countdown.

    3100 days ago
    Love the pics! Good Luck with getting the home you want! And thank goodness that cast is coming off!
    3100 days ago
  • LLTS01
    These pictures are just too cute. Good luck finding a new place to live. I know that the kitchen is always a biggie for me too since that seems to be where I spend most of my waking hours when I am at home.

    3100 days ago
    I admire the heck outta you Kierae. The fact that you keep moving every second of the day has got to help burn the calories! Know you're looking forward to getting the sucker off.
    3100 days ago
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