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Tracking Food At Long Last...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Recently as part of a challenge for those of us previewing Chris Downie's book "The Spark" I finally agreed to track my food.

This is pretty big for me...I have been holding out on food tracking since Day 1 of being with SparkPeople...no matter HOW many great benefits and rave reviews of tracking I'd read I persisted in my aversion to tracking food. Too much like the bad old days of "dieting!"

I psychologically prepared myself for this back when I made a commitment to breaking through to ONEderland by the New Year, realizing that if I couldn't make the headway I wanted toward this goal I might have to finally pull this tool out of the chest and put it to work.

So at the end of day two of tracking I've been pleasantly surprised over how EASY it is to do and how COMPREHENSIVE the food data is...finding things listed I didn't think I'd see.

I'm pleased also to see my totals are turning out okay...a bit low, but not too high as I feared they might be.

I enjoy seeing all the stats and figures such as percentages, etc. It's like taking a handful of random change and tossing into a sorter and seeing how the rack up. Except of course my food choices are HARDLY RANDOM!

Another thing I've noticed is the "built in" restraint that kicks in when the urge to snack or nibble comes along..."oh! I'll have to log that! Um...where's the water?" :-)

While I'm not making any long-term promises or guarantees, I'm suspecting I may just stick with this tracking / logging stuff! I have a hunch it may be an invaluable aid while traveling to ONEderland...!

I had a wonderful bike ride today back and forth to work, 9 miles away...1100 calories up in smoke!...woo hoo! Love the Fitness Maps! Froze this morning...shorts & a T-shirt in 48 degree weather. Yeah, stupid, but...I just HATE to be encumbered by long sleeves, pant-legs, straps and elastic bands when riding my bike. I get such a HIGH from feeling so empowered and free I want to compromise that as little as possible with such things! I DID have a pair of gloves though as my hands are the most vulnerable part of me when it comes to feeling the cold.

Besides...I was sweatin' it coming home wearing the same things! :-)

Because of the dark of the morning AND the evening, I suspect that's my last work ride until springtime...drat! Can't WAIT to start racking up 2-3 days a week of biking like this!

Hope everyone's got their Spark lights shining strong out there!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Ahh, Don- isn't fun how we keep learning as we go?
    I wonder what the next trick the universe will give me? Joy, continuing joy.

    3101 days ago
    Don, seems to me that it's just another sign of your stick-to-itiveness that you're just now starting to track food. After over two years on SP and all the talk about the trackers, it's pretty amazing that you've held out this long! WTG on the bike rides - are you concerned about safety with driving in the dark? I'm sure you'll find other ways to burn the calories, but doing it on your commute is a definite advantage time-wise, I'm sure!

    Good weekend
    3101 days ago
    You inspire me every day. Keep torching it up on your back and tracking your nutrition and you will be burning it up.
    3102 days ago
  • CARRIE1948
    I absolutely LOVE food tracking. I pay no attention to their menus or calorie limits, but do try to monitor the balance in my diet. I've learned that my body holds on to starch but likes protein. That I dislike fats but need more to feel good.

    I see food tracking as the antithesis of dieting. It helps me decide what else I can eat without making me feel guilty
    3102 days ago
    Gee, I thought everyone tracked what they ate on here...daaa me.
    Good for you for finally giving in and tracking :)
    Your doing a great job Don, keep it up!!
    3102 days ago
    The nutrition tracker is the reason I'm here - it was suggested at a work-based wellness program, which is why I started in March. Using the social network didn't happen for me until May.

    For me, tracking food is the ONLY way I've historically ever been able to lose weight. I guess I don't have enough natural inhibition without the pressure of knowing I'll have to log it.

    Coupled with a bodyfat scale and physicsdiet.com, the calorie totals from SP help me see a more complete picture of what's going on so I can fine-tune my eating strategies.

    For example, with all of the strength training I'm doing, I find it really handy to know how much protein I'm getting per day. I recently increased my minimum to 100g, and we'll see how that goes.

    Glad you like it, so far. You'll find over time that it's handy to copy whole meals from one day to the next. I have my whey shake and vitamins in there as "meals" and don't have to put them in separately each time.
    3102 days ago
    I saw you biked those miles, Don. That's super. Kudos to you for riding in the dark, although I understand the unemcumbered preference in clothing. I am happy to hear the food tracker is working at this time. I use the meal planners, too, and just love the freedom knowing that if I follow it, all's taken care of. I think we both agree that we are privileged to be on the pilot team. What an opportunity! I'm loving the book. I'll enjoy a few more rides for you, since I have daytime hours with which to work, too. Great blog!
    3102 days ago
    The nutrition tracker is the best tool I have found on SP. I don't know how I'd do without it.
    3102 days ago
    I still track, Don. Almost every day. Keeps me honest. Yeah my work friends think I'm obsessed, but then they weigh a lot more then me too! Actually through tracking, the Spark police kept bugging me to eat more carbs and I finally listened to them -- had to get over the whole carbs are a dirty word thing -- and my weight has came off faster and I do feel more satisfied. Your GI tract will thank you too :)
    3102 days ago
    Tracking food makes all the difference.
    3102 days ago
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