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What A Difference A Year Makes!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It was a year ago (almost to the day) that I was lead to the C25K training program. I had lost almost 30 pounds and wanted to find something that would help me continue losing weight until I reached my goal. Although I never even liked running in school, it just seemed like the right thing to do. So, I joined the team. As I read through the program, it seemed like it would be easy enough to follow, so I started on my training path. The first few weeks seemed doable because I was only jogging for 60 seconds and alternating with 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes. On week three when I was jogging 200 yards and walking 200 yards, it got a little harder and in week five when the schedule jumped to an 8 minute jog with a five minute walk, I thought I was going to die! Week five ended with a 20 minute jog and much to my surprise, I liked that better than the starting and stopping. While in week seven, I registered for my first 5K because I needed something to drive me to stay on schedule. I never got the speed I was supposed to have, but I could jog for 30 minutes and I was thrilled. My first race was so exciting, I immediately signed up for another one the next month.

So, when my friend Beth-Lynn asked me what keeps me motivated, I had to stop and think for a minute. My positive, enthusiastic, friends at SparkPeople certainly are a big part of it. I found the more I share, the more motivated I become. I stopped worrying about weight loss and just started thinking about how wonderful and healthy the people I met at races looked. There were people ten to fifteen years older than I am still going strong and looking great. When I compared them to some of the people I see in my retirement community, I want to run forever! So, I guess it is a combination of things. There is a lot of pride in doing something that is difficult for you. I'm not a "Spring Chicken", but I have always liked being a little different than everyone around me, so for my neighbors to see me running every other day, gives me a rush. When people tell me I don't look my age and I look so healthy, that gives me a rush too. Right now, in America, there are plenty of things to be upset about, but I refuse to waste my time being depressed and that motivates me also. The more time I spend outside, in the fresh air, the happier I am. So, no, I am not a morning person, but I know how good I will feel if I just get up and get going. The fact that it was been hot and humid for so long got me out of bed early too...lol. Seeing myself improve over time also kept me motivated. I had to laugh this morning when I told my BF, today was my "short run" day, I was jogging three miles. Can you imagine? A person that hated running saying three miles was a short run? Well, there you have it. My next race is a half marathon and I never would have believed in a million years that I would be considering a 13.1 mile run. I'm not fast and its not pretty, but If I can finish that in the allotted time, I will be the happiest person around. I don't know if I answered Beth-Lynn's question, but in a world gone mad, it gives me a sense of pride in knowing there is something I can do to make a difference in my life. THAT keeps me motivated.
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    I cam here to read your blog now that I am slowly running.You know how it goes .....Reading others success helps our own sucess.At leastthatis how I feel.Yetsrday jogged (treadmill) 3 miles in 40 minutes.I am a new slow jogger.Thats good 4 me ........*Hugs*
    3156 days ago
    What a great blog, really! Congratulations on how far you have come in that year, you should be very proud of yourself BUT you also note, as much inspiration & motivation you receive from other Sparkers, you are pretty awesome at giving it to so...THANK YOU for the year too!
    3159 days ago
    Wow...what a fantastic blog..I love the idea of being a runner and someday I shall..I'll keep reading your blogs and stay tuned for great motivation...thanks for writing this it is SO inspiring! Big hug! emoticon emoticon
    3162 days ago
    Way to go Cynthia!! I keep thinking about doing the C25K training program. I was doing well on my own but digressed lately and this week I've been sick. I need to get my enthusiasm and my strength back. You sound so strong and positive and enthusiastic I know you'll do great in the half marathon. I wish you all the best as you continue your training and your journey!!!
    3162 days ago
    woohoo...loved this blog. all the best in training for your h.m.!!
    3162 days ago
  • WATOGA17

    Thank you for giving me a great start to my day. Reading your blog made me feel incredibly happy for you and for all of us who have found a healthier, fitter way of life. Here's to feeling great! emoticon

    3163 days ago
  • POOH_BEAR_69
    You have been an inspiration to me since I started with the C25K program. I, like you, found that it was just easier to run the distance. Now that I've completed the program, I'm trying to maintain some consistency for a while. Once I've gotten that down, I'll be trying to follow in your footsteps once again! So I say...

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3164 days ago
    "Right now, in America, there are plenty of things to be upset about, but I refuse to waste my time being depressed and that motivates me also."
    I LOVE this attitude, Cynthia!!!
    You are such a motivator for me, THNX!
    3164 days ago
    You are awesome, Cynthia! That's all I can say. You leave me speechless, hard to believe, I know.
    3164 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/20/2009 7:49:57 PM
  • BELG64
    Aww, what a great post Cynthia!
    I started my program again yesterday and probably did not stretch enough because I am in agony! LOL! I am thinking about a turkey trot again this year. I hope that one day I can laugh like you about going on a "short" 3mile run!
    3164 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    Thank you for sharing your fitness journey with me. You are inspiring me to consider a C25K program of my own and maybe even run a 10K by the end of next year. Who knows it may even be sooner than that. Keep having fun and running. Good luck on your upcoming 10K.
    3164 days ago
    Thank you C for being so generous, kind & supportive!
    Sharing how you overcome your hurdles helps me to remember this isn't easy for you either...even though you are completing your "half" training so seamlessly.
    Perhaps too, I should not expect to run fast....just do it and enjoy running and the feeling of achievement at the end of my run.
    I liked your idea of holding close the idea of accomplishing something that is a challenge....something I was unable to do 2 months ago.
    I think that I too will run outside for a time and see how that feels.. ..enjoy, savour our Fall/Winter.
    (Interestingly I too preferred the longer 20 min runs rather than the short intervals- the transition was jarring for me)
    .Most importantly, we do bond here as we struggle, set, achieve our goals...I am honoured to be considered your friend.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3164 days ago
  • FITAT50
    I didn't realize we had started c25k on the same day. I needed to read this today. I also can't believe that I ran four 5k's at the age of 53. However I have not improved as you have. After my injury healed I just couldn't get back into running. Now I realize that's what really helped me to lose the weight in my hips and thighs and gave me strong legs. I want that back again! Hence, I'm starting c25k over again but I'm increasing my speed from last time. Please keep blogging, you keep me motivated!

    3164 days ago
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