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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I just finished reading the SP article, "Stop the Fat Talk Week". Delta Delta Delta sorority has this great idea that the week of 10/19 - 10/26 is the week we all pledge not to use negative language toward our looks - the article had some alarming statistics about girls and women and their negative self-talk and opinions of their looks. The website, was linked to this article, and the idea of leaving post-it notes on mirrors saying "YOU are beautiful!" everywhere to send the message was inspiring to me. If I'd told myself years ago how beautiful I was, and allowed myself really believe it, many more years of positive living would have replaced some of those where I kicked myself for not being perfect. Funny - I didn't think I was a perfectionist, but guess that was one of the problems - If I can't weigh _____ lbs, just give up and try again later. Can't maintain the exercise ___ min per week, then just don't try.
I'm banning the negative - and the next time someone says "You look great!" I'm going to smile and say "Thank You!" and remind myself I am beautiful just the way I am. (and not add the "but I've got a long way more to go" qualification to the compliment. ) Heading toward more positive self-talk and a happier, healthier me. Today it's more about better health, but I'll take the added beauty as well!

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