Sunday, October 18, 2009

The year of Yammering, Yoke and Yeast
Yammering- to whine or not to whine. I have whined and whined; and then whined some more. In fact, if one could lose weight by whining I would have marketed the Princess Path to Perfection. My last blog appeared in May 2009. I am blogging again after 5 months. What does this mean? I think I have had too much to whine about in all of the corners of my castle. If there was not a legitimate reason to whine, I would create one. I am the master of self-sabotage.

YOKE: to be burdened. I began to lose some weight during the past months. I began to exercise and maintain my food diary. These are easy habits to initiate and maintain. The habit of staying out of my own way is very, very difficult. I have been the monkey on my own back. The yoke was the tightest when I even thought about being happy. NO WAY… I didn’t deserve healthy happiness. It is phenomenal how creative I could be if I perceived my sadness was in jeopardy for one second. I actually created a near death experience just to make sure I remain unhappy. BUT guess what? It backfired. I am now truly completely happy; a first in many many years.

YEAST: to grow and leaven. The journey to health starts within (duh) and ultimately must be for my own benefit. Events of the past few months/days have revealed that I am blessed to be unconditionally loved by family, friends, co-workers (and SparkFriends) and acquaintances. They care not the size of the royal body. They care about my heart’s ability to beat and to love. In order for me to keep unconditional love flowing between family/friends and myself, I have chosen to be healthier.

During this YEAR, I have traveled many miles. Most importantly, I have traveled to the edge of life and back again. My near death episode exposed many things I took for granted. Having confronted the reality and the power of pure love, I choose to enjoy and celebrate life as never before.

My Spark Journey matters. My family/friends/SparkFriends matter.
I MATTER …. You matter. Let’s journey together
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