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Sunday, October 18, 2009

This past week has not been a good one. I only exercised a couple of days, I missed tracking my food three days out of seven, I ate very little, the result.... I am down .9 pounds. I am at that point that I have been to so many times before... shall I continue. My goals loom large for the month of October and I don't think I am going to make any of them. I feel it is an impossibility at this point to take off 3.6 pounds in only two weeks. I also feel that beating 1770 minutes of exercise is nearing the impossibility stage too since I have only done 735 this month so far. I need to get off my butt and find a job so that I get out of the house. I sit here every day doing very little but playing on my computer. I stay up all night and sleep all day. When I do try to sleep at night I only sleep a couple of hours then wake again. Ever since hubby brought home those chocolate bars I have been so downhearted. NO I did not have any. He eventually removed the box from the fridge, and put them in the bedroom with him and ate every one of them. I think he figured out that wasn't going to work either. Nothing he has tried to stop me so far has succeeded. I am just not good with goals. I think I need to just go back to doing what I was doing and allow things to happen when they do, exercising when I feel up to it, tracking my food, and eating.
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    You know you can do this. You've been doing it. You have the power, will and desire. We all feel down at times, but don't stay there. Come on get up and let's go! Don't stop the success. Take a long look in the mirror and give yourself a good talking to. By the way screw hubby and his intent on derailing you. I would have thrown the candy bars in his face. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3468 days ago
  • MINNA72
    Oh dear...

    First off, a hug. You sound like you could use one.

    Secondly, you need to stop the negative thoughts. The previous poster may have sounded a bit harsh, but oh boy, she's right. On all counts. You are worth the success. Stop setting yourself up for failure by thinking that you can't do it. If you think you can't succeed, then you won't. It really is that simple. "I am just no good with goals", you say. Well (apart from the fact that I think you're wrong) - if this is what you think, then that's what's going to happen. You will not meet your goals. If you set realistic goals (for instance, one of my goals for October was to lose 3 kilos, quite doable barring any injuries), have a positive frame of mind, then YOU WILL DO IT. And forgive yourself for any setbacks that might occur and get right back into the fight.

    Because you're worth it. You really are. Say that out loud 10 times, each time visualizing the reasons why this is true.

    Oh, and one last thing, I am no doctor, but reading this I get a strong feeling that you might be suffering from depression. The sleep issues, feeling lethargic, lack of initiative, the negativity - all point towards it. Maybe you should see a doctor about this?

    Lots of gentle hugs to you. You CAN do this. You need to start believing that.

    3471 days ago
    Oh Boy! You sound quite dejected! But you do leave many clues as to why things aren't happening for you.

    1. Your sleep cycle is highly dysfunctional! No wonder your body is messing u around! It doesn't know whether it's coming or going coz you are not helping it to keep a rhythm...if the sleep rhythm is off, then the metabolism (and your energy levels) will also be "off";

    2. A lack of belief in yourself that you are actually worth the effort and that you csn do this;

    3. Goals that are CLEARLY set up for you to fail (are you subconciously willing yourself to fail and so setting unrealistic goals?);

    4. LAck of direction in life in general;

    5. Not holding yourself accountable for your own success...i.e. it is not ur husband who is causing your difficulties (although he could be a little more helpful), it is you

    Sorry if this sounds harsh...but if you deal with these issues and solve each one a problem at a may have more success....


    iving urself only 1 or 2 hours per day when you are on the computer and no more;

    Get a buddy or better still several, who will walk, gym, hike or whatever with you

    When grocery shopping go locally, within walking distance, go more frequently and buy less, carrying it home in a back pack;

    Plan at least one trip a day so that you are active (and not eating. You don't need a job to get out of the house!

    Volunteer! and if it's an active position even better!!!! I volunteered at the local Dog Pound...walking dogs all day is a pretty good exercise

    Good luck!
    3471 days ago
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