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Maintaining with Calorie Banking aka Calorie Deficit

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Maintaining your Weight Loss with Calorie Banking aka Calorie Deficit

Calorie Banking helped me and takes away the "will I lose" and changes it to I know I am going to lose the weight. Now I am using it to Maintain my Weight Loss.

I am going to put the links here but if you should have trouble with them, go to the very top of the spark page where you see a box and search and type in calorie deficit and it will bring up many pages including www.sparkpeople.com/mysp
ark/search_results .asp
and www.sparkpeople.com/comm
unity/ask_the_expe rts.asp?q=27

Basically you must find your BMR www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-cal
and multiply it by 1.2 to get the number of calories your body will burn just by being alive and breathing. You next take your total calories eaten for the day and subtract this from the other number. Then you find how many calories you burned from your fitness page Cardio exercises and add the number to the other one. The resulting number is the number of calories you are "banking" . The goal is to have 500 or more deficit calories per day which will give you 1 pound loss a week. 1000 per day will net 2 pounds loss per week. *A zero calorie deficit should maintain your weight.*

Since I first wrote this I now have an activity level of moderate so my multiplier is 1.55 X BMR.
In SparkPeople articles this is called my TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) and my TDEE for 120 lbs is 1847 when my BMR is multiplied by 1.55

This now becomes my daily Calorie Goal to maintain my weight. However, as Moderately Active, I do still burn calories and I maintain a certain number of fitness minutes. I use SparkPeople Trackers exclusively and try to keep them as accurate as possible. My average fitness minutes is 200 daily and I add them up weekly to make sure I am still on track. This gives me a calorie range of 2200-2550 calories to eat daily as long as I maintain my Activity level.

If you join the Spark Team of By The Numbers you can request a chart that runs in Excel (or FreeOffice) that does the basic computing for you. www.sparkpeople.com/mysp
This chart was designed by MEGSAMAMA and I use mine on a daily basis. Takes all the guesswork out of knowing I am still on track.

While SparkPeople's Nutrition Tracker gives me my calorie range, Meg's chart tells me if I am on track, over or under for the day. I do fluctuate but I try to keep it within 100 calories of my calories burned whenever possible. Basically I am simply adding to my 1847 whatever calories I have burned for the day.

SparkPeople tells us we will fluctuate in our weight so we should have a maintenance range of 5 lbs. At the moment I relax anywhere that my weight is 120 (120-120.9) and eat less when I reach 121.9 to bring it back down.

Yes, this is compulsive-obsessive behavior. However, people that never allow themselves to gain more than 3 lbs generally never reach 210 lbs either. I used to laugh at people saying they were fat or overweight by 3 lbs - not so funny now since I got obese but they didn't.

I am still learning with SparkPeople and look forward to getting and reading The Spark to see if I have missed any vital information in my journey.

I have now maintained since July 23, 2009 - almost 3 months!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I appreciate your explanation of the tools you use to capture and track this information.
    My sincere hope is that SparkPeople will incorporate this in to the program options, as the data is already being captured! Other online trackers I have used and seen have at least an elementary deficit tracking function, which I do think is very helpful if you are precise about the inputs.
    3165 days ago
    Very well described, Linda! I hope this will spark some interest in others to use it. The spreadsheet has been an amazing tool for me. Great job on maintaining your goal weight!!!
    3169 days ago
  • MARTY19
    As hard as I try, this isn't something that I can calculate every day. But you are living proof that this works and works well for those committed to making it work. emoticon my friend.

    Love you,
    3170 days ago
    Sounds interesting, for when I eventually reach goal - like in about 2 years!!
    3170 days ago
    GREAT blog, with great info! I definitely need to learn more about this and when the time comes, I will need to know how to manage properly.

    Thank you for sharing this!
    emoticon Jazzy!!
    3170 days ago
    Good for you, Linda!!! This is not a static journey but rather a work in progress. Obviously you have been able to embrace it and get positive results.
    3170 days ago
    I LOVE that chart!!!
    3170 days ago
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