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Am I the *only* weird one?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Am I the *only* weird one?

I don't think of myself as an emotional eater - but lately I seem to become depressed and munchy if my walk is threatened by inclement weather!

The old me would have just happily played on the computer - but this new me gets really stressed if one of my walks becomes *iffy* for any reason.

Thankfully Ray decided he too wanted a pedometer and at any time during the day he just ups and goes for a one mile walk - happily he loves for me to tag along, so long as I don't hurry him!

My beautiful Ray turned 88 last month and he's concerned about his knees buckling but his orthopedic surgeon assured us his knees are in great condition so I think he just needs to build up the knee muscles.

At 88 the muscles tend to atrophy at the drop of his butt, into his chair, lol. Just another cruel trick of nature and old age. It gives me new enthusiasm to keep on keeping on.
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    Getting old causes those knees to buckle?
    Ack!! Is "59" old? I think my muscles have left me, also. I am having a difficult time with steps---my DH has had to push me and it just happened on this trip. Go figure!!
    I thought my knee muscles were one of the few things that were okay with me!!
    I hope both you and your husband are doing well and that the weather is cooperating so that you are both able to walk in comfort.
    My DH loves to go for walks and I should do that with him more often!! Good bonding time, too!!
    Peace and blessings,
    3138 days ago
    Weird, not a chance!

    Glad the two of you can find ways to spend time together even if you have to slow your walking pace down a tad.

    Keep up your great efforts
    Have a great and FUN day
    3141 days ago
    Not weird at all...I find I get kinda grumpy when I can't get my workout routine going first thing in the morn. I must admit, I've gotten better at adapting through the day if the "day doesn't start right". Hang in there. You're just like the rest of us!
    emoticon Nita
    3143 days ago
  • BLUESKY104
    Not wierd at all -- I too get like that when my walking plans are disrupted -- makes me think now that it is time to come up with "Plan B" just in case emoticon

    3143 days ago
    You aren't weird....heck,I go visit chocolate & munchies at the store...then stand there & tell them, "I would love to eat you, but I chose not to" and come home without them!

    Wonderful that you have a walking buddy! My walking buddy has 4 legs & he is often standing behind me, leaning into my legs to get my to "go faster". I have 2-speeds.....S-l-o-w and stop! LOL
    3143 days ago
    trust me i will use my tread mill as i do walks outside as much as i would love to so do it when you can girl
    3143 days ago
    I firmly believe that we will never lose that bored or upsetting eating demon in us. I think that while you can learn to recognize and control it, it luurks beneath our surface and it will always take our vigilance to keep it at bay. Work against it Linda. You are so strong, you need to relace that feeling with another action if walking isn't a choice. Find your outlet, quickly,

    3143 days ago
    No, you are not weird...well, no more than the rest of us:-)

    I also get agitated when something gets in the way of my workout. This is a good thing...not weird at all!!


    TW If I am still kicking at 88, I will be happy. If I am taking walks with a buddy at 88, excellent! That is so cool -- you two are amazing!!
    3143 days ago
    I'm feeling the seasonal change in many different ways myself!
    3143 days ago
    NO you are not alone! I admit it...makes me feel like I am in AAA..LOL
    3143 days ago
    The shift in seasons is affecting me as well. Congratulations on WANTING to take your walks. When I have a plan and routine, I don't like it being messed with either.

    3143 days ago
    Yes, you are weird. (No, no, just kidding...) (And even if you were, so what? celebrate that!) :-)

    I think it's the change in season, personally. It usually takes me a few weeks to make the adjustment. You're doing great!
    3143 days ago
  • MARTY19
    You are so lucky to have a buddy to walk with. Especially one who thinks he has a new wife. LOL! It is harder to keep motivated when you go it alone.

    3143 days ago
  • SHEL151
    Munchies have been horrible for me lately. Think its because we are heading into winter and my body wants to put its winter coat on! Trying to get back on track again. As far as walking, I am blessed to be able to go to the gym. I've been training to run a 1/2 marathon on Halloween and the gym has been a lifesaver with the weather. Keep on walking!!
    3143 days ago
    You have become a creature of the exercise habit. I'm with you there. Now since the gardening is basically done, I have to find more ways to stay active. I still walk but miss the
    busyness of harvesting and canning. So, now I am rearranging my whole basement to fill
    the void of outside activity with inside activity. That should keep the munchies at bay.
    I hope I'm still walking at 88!
    3143 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/13/2009 7:01:57 AM
    Nope, not weird at all...I know I am not looking forward to having to don warm clothes, shoes and socks to go for my beach walks!! Yeah...what's with the munchy thing??? I had ONE cookie last night!! Really unusual for me...I am not a sweets eater!!
    3143 days ago
  • _VALEO_
    I have all kind of eccentricities, but sadly not this weirdness (yet!)

    That's good news that Ray has a pedometer too and great knees to walk -is he very competitive?

    I just bought the DS Game "Walk with me!", and I intend to challenge my DH so we see who will get the greatest number of steps at the end of the day.
    3143 days ago
    Face it: you love to walk. It is a great feeling --and no, you're not weird. Walking is a great sport.
    3143 days ago
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