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Monday, October 12, 2009

This is it, no turning back now, we are committed - no refund!! SPIRITRUN and I have signed up for the half-marathon training program through the Running Room. How exciting, how exhilarating (how redundant??), how fun, how freakin' crazy????? Nope, not crazy - this is the smart way, the right way to do it - train (ie. learn) the proper way to increase our running distances, times, overall ability so that we can SAFELY take part in the marathons we want to (as to the marathons...that would be the crazy part!!). I've always wanted to be a runner, SPIRITRUN used to be a runner and now together we have found a formula that seems to be working for the two of us. We are phsyched for ourselves & for each other - we've seen what others can accomplish on SP and we've seen the support that comes through loud & clear on this website too, add to that the expertise/tools available here as well as this upcoming clinic and I'm feeling pretty darn good with this whole "being a runner" concept.

I have also been telling family members about these training goals, and for whatever reason this time they are taking me seriously. Maybe it's because this time I'm taking me seriously... It's not just wishful thinking on my part, it's not another one of those "I have a plan" schemes I come up with & then never follow through on. I know a lot of it, no, most of it comes from this website - it's all here - we can take whatever we want from it & use it whatever way we want! There is no right or wrong way, it's a matter of finding out what will work for each of us!

For me personally, it's been about the fitness and being healthy. Now I know I still have to lose the weight if I really want the whole healthy package and as I achieve more physically I'm finding that I don't want to ruin a good workout by eating crap! What I am finding though is that I am "weigh" too obsessed by the number on the scale & it still has the ability to affect how my day will go. The first week of joining the "lose a stone by Christmas" I gained a pound and a half...what was up with that? I was soooo close to getting into the 160's by Thanksgiving & now I feel like I have failed. I don't like that - I have had too many other positives & for years now that scale has had way too much control over me. I know I have lost inches and I have certainly increased my physical fitness levels too but that damn scale is messing with my head.... So I'm going to try something different here....

The scale is going away, I have to get over the fact that food is a reward (or punishment) depending on my weight for the day. I know the scale fluctuates but I haven't been consistent with my weigh-ins so how can I use that "weekly weigh-in" to my advantage if I haven't been consistent? I know I need to track my food, those are the weeks that show a loss. I know I need to plan better, if I pre-plan my meals & enter them I am much more aware of what may be missing or what I need to add nutrient wise. So, if I know all that, why don't I do it? Well, that's my mission for the next month - I am going to do it - consistently - and I'm going to see how that works for me. Focus on the food, but not the scale - my body tells me when I've had something I shouldn't have, it tells me when I'm eating right & exercising so I'm going to try & listen to my body & not the scale for the next month - I think this will be a huge mental adjustment for me but a necessary one.

Over & over I have stated that the scale & food are still a problem for me - I know that I have to work harder to see the scale budge but maybe it's time I started working smarter...It's worked for the running... Maybe it's just another excuse, I don't know, but right now that scale is bringing me down (mentally, not literally unfortunately) & I keep losing focus.
Our 1/2 marathon clinic starts Nov. 13th - I'm going to use the next month to work on my running so that I feel confident going into this (which actually right now I do or I wouldn't have signed up in the first place!)...
I'm going to use the next month to track my food CONSISTENTLY and plan my meals better...
I'm going to use the next month to let Jillain Michaels continue to kick my ass...
I'm going to use the next month to reach the halfway mark of lose a stone by Christmas (still need the weight loss goal, just not the daily frustrations of the scale)...
I'm going to use the next month to stay focused & positive - which of course is not always easy but like the other goals, they just have to be said over & over....

I have to do this & I will do this, because... I can do this!

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    Kick the emoticon to the curb for awhile. You have a great plan in place and soon you'll be seeing results. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels...... though chocolate is a tasty treat.... forget I said that emoticon Focus, focus, focus

    T emoticon
    4260 days ago
  • KARVY09
    Sent you guys invites to the new team we started for Half Marathoners in 2010! You're so super motivated to get fit!
    4261 days ago
    For me it is about sticking to the Nutrition Tracker like glue, too. It is time consuming, but it is my primary focus and I have to do it if I want to see results and I do. I pretty much ignore the scale through the week, weighing in only on Friday. If the number isnt making me jump for joy, I have my momentary frustration and then let it go. Based on my nutrition, I can be accountable. The results dont lie. If I haven't been drinking my water or have had a slip up, it is there as a strong potential reason as to why my results are less than desirable. Remember, your weight loss is going to be 80% the result of what you put in your mouth, 10% your exercise and 10% genetics. Or they say something like that in the Eating Clean book...

    But when you get all hung up on the scale and it is dictating your moods and making you feel like a failure (which by the way, you are SO not), put it away fro a while. Take a break and focus on all the good stuff. But record your Nutrition Tracker, girl!!!
    4261 days ago
    Glad you are focusing. For me its all about sticking to the Nutrition Tracker like glue. I would really have no clue where I was in calories or nutrients if I didn't microscopically enter and check everything I eat. I am a little surprised you are just discovering this now ;) All the best! Record, record and observe!
    4261 days ago
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