#105: What Do You Collect?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sometimes we need to write about and read about things not related to food, dieting, exercise, carbs or calories.

Sometimes we simply need to have fun.

I was reading today about a man who collects playing cards -- the smallest ones, largest ones, those made of wood, bone or alligator hide. It is his passion to create the world's most extensive collection of playing cards, so much so that on visits to other countries he asks people if they know of any collectors and then contacts them for additions to his growing number of unique playing cards.

Many years ago I visited the home of new acquaintances and was astonished to see the number of sand-filled hour glasses they had amassed. The largest were six-feet tall, the smallest only a few inches high. Some were filled with blue sand, some with green, some red, yellow or brown. There must have been 300 hour glasses. And I was fascinated at the stories behind each one.

Currently, other than SparkPoints, I don't actively collect any particular items but I am curious about you.

If you are a collector, what do you collect? How extensive is your collection? How did you get involved with this endeavor? To what lengths have you gone through to add to your collection.

Instead of serious today, reading your answers might be fun and enlightening if you'd care to participate.
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  • DAS92687
    I collect blown glass figurines and also salt and pepper shakers. I inherited a collection from my grandmom when she died and I have added to it quite a bit over the years. I have shadow boxes and a china cabinet full :)
    4207 days ago
    I have collected different things over the years. For a while, I was into hummingbirds. Because of all the various crafts I do, I would have to say the thing I have the biggest collection of is craft items; boxes of pinecones, nuts, beads, yarn, pattern books, plastic canvas, needles, floss, glue guns and glue sticks, spray paint, glitter, clock parts. LOL Now if I only had time to work on it all!
    4207 days ago
    I have a stamp collection that my dad adds to.. I have had this since I was 8, I dont actively collect them any more.

    I used to collect elephants, when I moved to my new house five years ago I only kept the biggest one.

    I think now all that I collect is dust.. living on a farm its darn easy to collect, but not easy to disperse.. sigh

    4207 days ago
    I used to be a quilter. We're the ones with that bumper sticker ~ She who dies with the most fabric wins! Indeed I had so much fabric stuffed into closets, our family room converted into a sewing room, walls with quilts on them, as well as 9 sewing machines (Some were 'special purpose' machines, some decorative antiques), that when I got divorced and moved out, my Ex said I took EVERYthing. I asked him which sewing machine or box of fabric he wanted back?
    Now I have a smaller house, a garage full collected, cool fabrics, and no space to spread it out, or time to cut it up and sew it back together! *sigh* But, maybe 'someday'!
    4207 days ago
    Oh God! Now my dirty little secret will be out...I collect orchids. I have about 75 right now. Yes watering day takes a while. I have to take them all to the sink, soak for five minutes and repeat with the next ones until they are all done. I am allways on the lookout for new ones to add. They must have a fragrance and the bloom has to have the WOW factor. I have done without clothes, food, cosmetics to feed my addiction. They cost anywhere from sixteen to thousands of dollars. (The most I ever paid was $45.00) Everyone knows the perfect gift for me is an orchid. I guess one day I will have to get a greenhouse....you see where this is headed.
    4207 days ago
    I use to collect Elvis memorabilia. I still have my collection just haven't added anything to it lately.
    4207 days ago
    I am not into collecting per say , but I enjoyed reading all the post.

    I love to read, so I do have a good size Library. Most the books I buy I try to circulate by giving them to friends or family . I only keep ones that I call my reference books. Since I have a tight budget I am becoming very familiar with my local Library. I try there first to see if they have the any of the books I want to read.
    4208 days ago
    I collect rocks, from everywhere. I have them in my gardens. I have some on shelves in my house. All sizes, all shapes. If my oldest grandson goes anywhere, he is always on the look-out for his MeMa a rock. Its a little different from some people, but I love it.
    4208 days ago
    I collect t-shirts! I don't know how it got started but I'll do almost anything to get one! I mean with a logo or something on it. One of my rewards for reaching my goal weight is to go to Las Vegas (I've never been there) and try and get a t-shirt from each casino! I may have to go more than once cause those t-shirts aren't always cheap. I have won a few and some have been given to me but I buy a lot also. I don't know how many I have but I know it's not enough, haha! I was just thinking over the weekend, that I want to be buried in a t-shirt and jeans. I think its a pretty good thing to collect because I do get to wear them instead of just displaying them on a shelf and it's fun! Thanks for asking...it's a very good question and its fun to read the answers from everyone!

    Alex emoticon
    4208 days ago
    I collect angels! I Don't pay a lot for them, but have received a lot for gits--there's one on my background page. emoticon
    4208 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5002230
    I collect lambs and apples to remind me who I am. I am dependant on God and the apple of His eye.

    As soon as your family and friends catch on, that's what gift days are all about. My closets are full. I guess I could fill a display room.

    I also have a collection of seashells in a lighted cabinet.

    What I seem to be the best at collecting is books. :)

    4208 days ago
    I collect friends.
    4208 days ago
    I collect bookmarks; receive some as gifts and buy some myself. Have found unique ones at antique shops and actually make them myself as gifts for others by using special scripture/quotes and personalizing them. Have been collecting these for about 20 yrs. Have ones made by my daughters when they were in grade school...special treasures!
    I also like antique linens and have a nice collection of those but I don't currently seek them out as I'm downsizing in these latter years instead of adding to my 'stuff!' For a recent wedding of a good friend, I gave the happy couple a set of hand-embroidered pillowcases that are antique but have never been used before. They had Victorian ladies on them and went with her bedroom decor. She was thrilled, hope her new hubby liked them as well :)
    4208 days ago
    I collect angels and dolls! I absolutely love it and when I can I like to go to yard sales.....
    Someone else's garbage is another person's treasure.
    4208 days ago
  • BABE741
    4208 days ago
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