#104: Eat and Become Slimmer

Sunday, October 11, 2009

In a recent issue of Woman's World magazine, an article detailed "15 slimming superfoods that melt off body fat!" got me wondering how so many magazines seem to have the same rehashed collection of article topics:

* How to lose weight without effort
* Foods to keep cancer at bay
* New recipes
* Foods to eat for healthier hair
* Foods to eat to enhance a love life
* Strengthen your nails by eating this
* Prevent diabetes, stroke and heart attack by eating these foods
* Fruit to prevent allergies

Do you see a connection here?

We are inundated daily with references to food. Some publications are devoted to nothing but food. Beware of TV commercials, too.

So how do we cope with these images hammered into us hour by hour?

By having a positive self-image, a high dose of self-confidence and the ability to shut out the food temptations of the day. But, that's easier said than done. The problem with trying to lose weight is that we focus so strongly on food -- what to eat, what to avoid, how much or how little to eat, tracking our consumption, etc.

I don't have a magic answer. Perhaps you can offer some ideas. When we're surrounded by food, how do we ignore it?

Meanwhile, as for the 15 superfoods (as per Woman's World):

1. Eggs -- obliterate hunger by being more filling than meat.
2. Sesame -- resists flab by using arginine, a promising get-slim amino acid.
3. Low-fat dairy -- can double diet results by revving metabolism.
4. Grapefruit -- eaten before meals reduces production of fat-storage hormones.
5. Nuts -- are full of fiber and good fats that speed weight loss.
6. Kiwi -- has vitamin C which is a key ingredient in fat burning.
7. Soup -- tricks the brain into feeling extra full.
8. Beans -- trigger strong hunger control.
9. Oatmeal -- makes us feel fuller and prevents some fat from being absorbed.
10. Fish -- boosts anti-hunger hormones and reduces fat-storage hormones.
11. Soy -- triggers the fat-burning hormone glucagon.
12. Dark chocolate -- kills fat cravings with hunger-suppressing antioxidants.
13. Whole grains -- shrink waists by 2.5 times more than white-flour.
14. Grapes -- pigments in blue and purple produce may prompt less fat in cells.
15. Apples -- has pectin that leads to a feeling of being full.

This makes losing weight sound so easy, doesn't it? Simply eat the foods above and become slimmer in no time.

But we know there's more to it than that, don't we?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • LINDA25427
    Everything is about Food .....Dieting ....Obese...or....How to be a Thin person... what else is there in today's society ? We are obsessed with things beyond are own ability that looks or sounds easy and we want to be thin right now without all the work and sacrifices that we have to do and learn to have a better lifestyle so we buy into all these new hypes trying to find a quick fix that most of the time never pans out and leaves you feeling worse and broke .Thank you for sharing . God bless. emoticon Hope you have a great week .
    4208 days ago
    Just having knowledge is not enough , we must put it to use. Joy
    4209 days ago
    really good blog--you are right, there is more to it than that!
    4209 days ago
  • BABE741
    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!
    4209 days ago
    Nice blog thanks Lou. emoticon
    4209 days ago
    And remember Hollywoods idea of skinny (where magazines get most of their ideas), is not the same as ours. Great blog.
    4210 days ago
    Well said, Lou - & you too, Leah, Yatmama, & Jeanla!
    4210 days ago
    You gave me "food" for thought.. no pun intended.
    I wrote an article on how media affects children. I think you hit the nail on the head with the overkill on food everywhere we look. Changing my thought process with Spark helps me not focus on food food food.
    4210 days ago
    People are so eager for a quick fix. We spend years, decades, lifetimes making unwise decisions concerning nutrition and fitness and then want a solution that guarantees results in 30 days. Not happening! Part of the wonder of SP is that our entire lives are changing, FOREVER. Fundamental changes in our relationships with food, our relationships with our own bodies are working their way through our very beings. That beats anything in any article in any magazine ANY day!
    4210 days ago
    Oh, I know what you mean. Everywhere you look there are ads that promise so much. There is always some astounding new revelation of a newly discoverd something or other...it could drive a person insane trying to keep up with it all. Great blog, Lou. Thanks for sharing!
    4210 days ago
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