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Saturday, October 10, 2009

I haven't posted much lately, don't know why... but I have been lurking and reading everyone else's posts. So I'm going to try to blog every day and plan my day.

This week's Biggest Loser had them going to a restaurant and trying to stay on calorie. That's where I always fail, so I'm going to focus on that. This is a lifestyle change I'm on, right? So that means I don't pig out every time I go out. I've learned that I can make healthy food at home that tastes good - so I need to give restaurants a chance too. It's just so hard, when you smell all that good food, to keep yourself honest. One of the tips they gave was to ask the waitress to put half of your meal in a to-go box before she brings it out--I wonder if a waitress would do that?

They did say that whenever possible, you should go online for a menu so you can plan what you're going to order beforehand. I'm determined to try that!

Can anyone out there give me some good dining out tips?

Okay, gotta go take my walk - it's a beautiful autumn day here in Oregon, so I'm going to take advantage of it.

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  • MOLS626
    I also love checking the menus before arriving. Once I arrive I KNOW what I'm going to get but still let myself drool over the deliciousness listed on there. I even do this trick with fast food - most of them are posting calories now.
    3326 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/12/2009 12:18:34 PM
    The online menu tip is fabulous. I use that one.

    I also leave myself lots of wiggle room for the day. If I know I'm going out for dinner I make it point to have a low-cal breakfast and lunch.

    I've never asked a waitress to box half my meal. Perhaps asking for an additional empty plate so you could portion control for yourself might work?
    3327 days ago
    If I know ahead of time that I am going out to eat I do just what you mentioned. I pull up the menu on-line (if they have one) so that I already know what to eat when I get there. If I can't do that I try to stick to a salad with dressing on the side and grilled or broiled fish. I also always get a baked potato (don't eat the skin) and ask for whipped butter. Good luck Linda!
    3328 days ago
  • MEME102
    Think you got all good advice above -- the key for me is PLANNING! I use the online nutrition whenever I can...and plan my meal in advance if I can find it. If it's a really nice place where I know the servings are generous and if I've not already PLANNED on eating it all I halve it -- as soon as they bring it to me I cut everything in half prepared to go in a box! Tis hard at times but can be done -- and it'll make all the difference in the world in your progress
    3328 days ago
  • DAP1313
    I found that if the restaurant serves a bread basket to have them remove it don't bring it before I eat a piece of bread. I can have bread at home. When I go out I want something that I can't make for myself. I also try to have a small bowl of a broth base soup or salad with dressing on the side before the main meal if possible.

    Let's face it sometimes you just have to have something high calorie when you eat out. When I know that is what I will have I try and balance it out with small low calorie meals for the rest of the day, and bump up the exercise a bit to make up for it.

    Once in a while it is okay to have a"bad for you" meal.
    3328 days ago
    It's good that you're learning how to eat well when you go out. Having a plan definitely helps because it can get quite tricky.

    I find that going online to check their menu is most helpful especially if they have lighter items for us folks trying to watch our diets. That way I can plan what I'll have and don't even have to look at the menu and be tempted by all the other goodies. I just keep saying over and over in my head that it's what I'm ordering. Be careful not to be tempted by those you're with - be firm in ordering what you planned. You can do it.

    I've never gotten up the courage to ask the waiter or waitress to bring half of my meal in a to go box. I just divide my food on the plate and eat one half of what is on there then ask for a box at the end of the meal. That way it just looks like I couldn't eat it all and need a "doggie" bag.

    I feel like no one (people I'm with or wait staff) needs to know that I'm watching my calories. Some people get awfully judgmental, bossy and nosy when they know you're watching your calories or on some kind of eating plan.
    3328 days ago
    I get a mentality when I go out, that often has me overeating: like it's a treat to eat out, and so I deserve to pig out. I have been working on changing this too.
    3328 days ago
    Hi there.

    Going out to restaurants is really hard for me too. It's been my experience, that wait staff will barely bat an eye when you ask them to bring half your meal to go. And if they do, you can kindly explain to them that you simply want half your meal out of sight, thank you very much, to enjoy the next day. :-) And you'll be saving the NEXT soul who gets that waiter or waitress some worry since they likely won't be befuddled the second time around!

    I agree that it's hard to go to a restaurant and smell the good food and stay true to your goals. I try to go to a restaurant with at least a few options for eating in mind--foods I could eat LARGE quantities of and do fine (salads with dressings on the side), and foods that will be tastier that I'll need to plan to eat half or less of. If when I enter a restaurant I'm feeling really tempted to eat the nachos supreme followed by a fishbowl martini, a bacon cheeseburger, cheese fries and a chocolate lava volcano brownie supreme blah (hehe), then before ordering ANYTHING off the menu, I kindly excuse myself from the table, go to the bathroom, and use that as a sort of time out. I focus on my breathing, speak to myself as I would a child throwing a temper tantrum over not getting her favorite foods, and think really hard about what choices I want to make for myself. I've yet to have this fail me.

    But also be sure you're allowing yourself a little wiggle room every now and again when going out to eat. Of course you don't want to go all out every time, but once in a blue moon is okay--and even ultimately helpful to sticking to your goals.

    Best wishes as you conquer this one--it's a tough one, and when you do it, you're going to feel on top of the world!
    3328 days ago
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