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Day 142 Sunday 10/4/09

Sunday, October 04, 2009

It’s Sunday, again. Just got home from Indiana. What a weekend. My friend was very sick, actually thought about going to the hospital last night, but got some sleep off and on and felt, better but not good this AM. So I drove all day yesterday and all day today. Left Indiana yesterday morning, got home about 6:30 PM tonight. Went for my 1.1 miles walk, since I only got to get some exercise, just not every day on the trip, because of where we stayed etc. Did what I could when I could and that is all one can do. I think I stayed under 1600 calories. One day might have gone a tiny bit over, but not intentionally. It’s hard to tell when eating out, but did the best I could and made good choices.

We did have a somewhat fruitful trip, but some disappointsments along the way also, with what we were trying to accomplish. There is a lady in a nursing home in IN, long time friends with my friend, who he bought a computer for, hoping that perhaps she could communicate with it. Unfortunately, the stroke, many years ago, took that ability away. But we at least tried and talked to the folks funning the care facility and they will try something called a Recognition board. Perhaps that might bring some joy to her life. We can only pray to that effect. But being 1000 miles away, makes things much harder to accomplish and look over.

We had really good weather. This is the 3rd yr in a row that I got to ride along on the trip, just for company. Had fun and lots of good conversation and food along the way. We were gone just about exactly a week. Left Monday and got back today, Sunday.

Today’s stats:

CALORIES 1288 (ALLOWED 1200-1600)

CARB 172 (ALLOWED 164 - 237g)
[57.3 % OF CALORIES S.B. 45-60%)

SODIUM 2335 (ALLOWED 1000-2000 g)

FAT 34 (ALLOWED 32 - 57g)
[25.2 % OF CALORIES S.B. 20-30%) ]

PROTEIN 52 (ALLOWED 60-128g)
[17.4 % OF CALORIES S.B. 15-25%)]

CHOL. 136 (ALLOWED 75-225g)

FIBER 15 (ALLOWED 25-35g)

CALCIUM 71 (ALLOWED 100-150g)

1.10 miles in 21 min for 2.9 MPH & 99 Calories burned.

It's good to be sitting in my own computer chair in my own house :)
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