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Some walking pics and the usual nonsense.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Good morning, crime-stoppers.

Last night I finally got to ride my bike for the second time. It took a week. Too much daddy stuff to do, and bad weather. Last night's ride cold cold cold. I actually wore socks and shoes instead of sandals for the first time this year. I also had double layers on, and fleece gloves. My nose and eyes watered. The conditions weren't optimal, but I was happy to get out.

Silently, smoothly
I slice through town and darkness
Here now. And alive.

There. Have a little haiku to keep things fresh.

My SPfriend JOYATLAST sometimes blogs about biking. And sometimes hers are about some of the fears that go along with biking on certain roads or in less-than-ideal conditions. At first, I didn't really understand this. My biking experiences have been pretty fearless, other than the traffic that gets too close, or the occasional shady creep. But with this road bike, it's opened up a new can of worms. I'm travelling much faster. If I wipe out, it's going to sting that much more. The wheels are so thin. Differences in vertical pavement slices could prove to be dangerous. I don't have any shocks on this bike. I feel every bump. Small potholes and rocks that I would breeze over before don't feel as safe anymore. My biking position is different. Now that I'm hunched over, it makes it slightly more challengling to look back over my shoulder. And if I stop quickly, am I going to go over the handlebars? The brakes are in a totally different position. Unless my hands are on them at all times, they're not as instinctive to go to. And on top of all that, I'm reluctant to chain up this bike and walk away. It looks so much more desireable than The Sherman Tank bike. Anyway, those are my new fear concerns.

Not a lot else to report. Fall is here. Time to take the air conditioner unit out of the window. My toes have been cold in the mornings. A friend of mine made me a nice green hat which smelled sweetly when removed from the envelope. I'm out of groceries. I need to do laundy.

Here's some pics from my lunchtime walks to Subway. The pics make it look pretty awesome. And it is a nice walk. But the pics are nicer because you can't hear the roaring cars, or smell the diesel.

Peace, dudes.

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  • SUZY6281
    I think your confidence will come with time on your new bike. Sounds like it is totally different than your old one. Be very careful in the meantime. We don't want to hear any stories of you hurting yourself.

    Thanks for taking us on a walk with you to subway... I like extra jalapenos, by the way.

    Sorry- I'm hungry today. Ha!

    3452 days ago
    Great pictures!
    3453 days ago
    Yeah -- the tire-width thing? Pay attention to that. My new bike's thinner tires got hung up in a crease between roadway and gutter ... I wrecked ... and my knee's still a bit wacko.

    And I nearly always trail-ride, instead of on-road, so I don't have one, but I've seen many bikers with a little rear-view mirror mounted to their handlebars. Maybe one of those would assist you in seeing what's behind.

    Happy biking!!! I go to spin class when it's cold outside, and let me tell ya: biking outside's a LOT nicer.
    3456 days ago
    I'm glad that you are at least AWARE of the differences in your biking experience with the new bike. Going faster, I'd say that your new attire of shoes and socks might be a good idea from now on. Imagine skidding down the asphalt barefooted. OUCH.

    Rock on buddy.

    Great pic's too. Now wonder your going to Subway!


    I saw Curvymaya's emoticon and thought it fit you to a "T".

    3456 days ago
    very nice pics.what a great place to ride. or walk to subway. you'll be used to that new bike in no time. one thing though who was that guy in your blog? what was he doing there just smiling? emoticon
    3457 days ago
    great pics

    3457 days ago
    Your walk to subway does look idyllic. Good to know your ingesting your daily dose of diesel on the way. I'm sure you'll get used to your bike in no time and most of your fears will be a non-issue. Now some tough love:Al, get to the store and buy some healthy groceries!!! Then do your laundry!!! While your at it, do mine too. Hope you're having a great Thursday.
    3457 days ago
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