Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I used to be a member of a fair-sized Spark Team that I liked. Then some wiseacre let one of the organizers in on the secret SparkMail technology, and she started sending out teamwide alerts whenever someone had a birthday. I.e., every day. I think there might have been a day she missed someone and sent two.

I left the team and wrote her to say that the forum might be a better place for this, so that people could decide for themselves whether they wanted these extremely frequent notifications. I might not have phrased this as delicately as possible.

So now this person has, you guessed it, taken to sending me *individualized* unwanted e-mail. And comments on my SparkPage.

As I told her, "It would be uncharitable of me to deny you the argument that you're so clearly looking for." So every time she writes me, I'm firing back some fitting abuse.

It's wrong. I know it's wrong. But how wrong is it, really?
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    If you really have the time, and gumption, good for you *chuckle*
    3153 days ago
    If you can't block her, I'd just ignore her. Sending back negative responses just stirs up more negative energy in you. It's not worth your time. Just delete. How much time can she really have to devote to annoying you, if you don't give her the satisfaction of a response?
    (Feel free to delete this comment. I can take it.)
    3154 days ago
    And when I logged in to post the last comment I had yet another message from her!
    3154 days ago
    CristieG: I know you're right - I think she just wants to get the last word in. (And Lulius observed, she thinks the announcements are nice. Therefore, if I object, I'm not nice. And therefore, every time she responds, this makes her nicer than me.)

    And I can't even explain why - at this point I'm just getting some entertainment out of the way every message I get is weirder than the last one.
    3154 days ago
    This would annoy the hell out of me, especially after I asked it to stop and left the team. At this point it sounds like harassment. Although I don't think I would respond as you have, ignoring will be more likely to get it to stop, I'd find out if there is a way to block individual users from commenting/mailing you.
    3154 days ago
    Yes, we're all unique snowflakes.

    At this point, though, I know she wants to send messages, she knows I'm not interested in getting them ... so why keep writing me?
    3155 days ago
    Sorry for your problems. There are too many folks on SP to assume issues won't arise about this or other matters. I, personally, was thrilled when I received 35 + birthday wishes from folks I really don't know. We are all different.

    3155 days ago
    3155 days ago
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