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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Had a REALLY stressful day yesterday regarding dh being able to go back to work. He was told last week when we took in the paperwork the dr filled out that he could go back Monday on light duty. But when he got there the computer didn't let him log in. Seems the asst. manager who approved him coming back on light duty isn't there anymore and of course he (the asst manager) didn't submit the paperwork before he left . The paperwork can't seem to be found anywhere and of course the overall manager is on vacation this week. Dh was told by the personnel lady to get another copy from the dr. That she would input it and that he could probably start back Tuesday if we got it back today. So, we went and got it and took it in. Of course she was gone by then and some fruitcake that was in there that is over another department (but likes to think she is in charge of everything--but ISN'T) jumped in and said he can't come back till he is 100%.

So, dh went and talked to a mid level manager today. The lady he spoke to didn't have good news, but she did at least take the time to explain the reasoning to him. Bottom line--dh can't go back to work till the doctor releases him for regular duty and not just light duty. IF he would of been injured at work then they would be required to make adjustments for him to work. But since he was hurt on his own time then they don't have to make special arrangements. So, I guess dh is off work for at least another 2 1/2 weeks (that is when he will go back to the doctor) to who knows how many weeks??? And that asst manager dh spoke to last week...found out he was fired last Thursday (dh went in last Monday) because he was giving out false information and well, doing some other stuff that wasn't good to be doing at work!!
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