Dream Big - letter to my kids

Monday, September 28, 2009

So, first, I need to thank you for the Hannah Montana card that almost gave me a heart attack when I opened it. I could not believe it was Hannah Montana!!! How can there BE so many Hannah Montana things in this world??? So, thanks!!! I think.

Second, thanks for coming and watching me run - even though you only saw me for a couple of seconds twice, it still meant a lot to me to have you guys cheering for me like crazy people. It was very hard to run that far that fast but having a cheering section to look forward to and one to spur you onward was very, very cool.

Thirdly - there are lessons in this experience that you should hear about. You all are going through, have gone through, will go through (ETC) enough head crap that it's good to share experiences and try to learn from others. SO - here are my lessons learned:

a) I didn't decide to run a half marathon on Friday. When I signed up for it, I was running about 16 km a week. I was actually inspired to sign up because the Biggest Loser contestants were forced to run one midway through last season. After I registered, I decided there was no way in hell I could do it - not because I didn't think I could learn to run that far but rather because I was frightened of the idea of putting myself out there to try it.

Lesson 1 - big dreams are scary.

b) Once I got over the fear, I realized I didn't HAVE to run it - even on Friday I was thinking "I could still drop out" if I needed to.

Lesson 2 - big dreams belong to you - do what you want with them.

c) I didn't decide to run this thing in February then run it on Sunday. 7 months passed. I did not ever think during those 7 months that any one training day was more important than another. Every single day was its own thing. Some days, I ran 8 km and sometimes I ran 15. Sometimes they were TERRIBLE runs and sometimes they were so easy I couldn't believe it. But every run, every time was just a single day to consider. Everything in this world is achieved one day at a time. I only had to focus on what I needed to accomplish that day in order to build up to Sunday's success. I did what I needed to do on the day I needed to do it - didn't put it off. Didn't run a lousy 8 km and project into the future that I was never going to run 21.1 km if I couldn't run 8 - I just did the 8 that needed to be done that day and let the 21.1 km take care of itself. Which it did.

Lesson 3 - life is lived today. It doesn't matter what you did yesterday - it doesn't matter what you are going to do tomorrow - today and today alone is what counts. That's why procrastination is a killer. That's why someone who is running 16 kms in a week can run 21.1 km in a day at a 5:37 min/km pace.

d) I deserve to feel ecstatic about my accomplishment. Perfectionism has kept me from celebrating myself for too long. I did a great and rare thing yesterday - and I don't mean running the half. I accomplished a crazy goal - period. I dreamed big and I succeeded at it.

Lesson 4 - dream big - you get to define what big means to you. But you deserve to have dreams. You deserve to work away at achieving them one day at a time. You can look ahead and be scared to death of what you are wanting to achieve and achieve it anyway. And you absolutely deserve to congratulate yourselves for making your own dreams come true.

Love you guys.
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