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Sunday, September 27, 2009

i had my final long run today before the big 10K run next sunday. it went pretty well...i finished in about 73 minutes, which means i ran something around 13-ish minute miles. very respectable in my mind for a long run. i'm hoping to be able to finish the 10K in under 80 minutes...if the course is relatively flat, this should not be a problem...but, if it's hilly, it's gonna be a struggle. we shall see!

this week was okay eating-wise...had some days where i probably could have made some better choices, but all in all, i'm not beating myself up over it. missed one day of working out because of my awesome fall down the stairs in spiked heels...damn fashion! but, i worked out hard, and my long run didn't kill me...although i thought i was going to pass out/puke when i got back into my apartment. i needed some powerade stat! then, i choked down a kashi cookie, which was hell...but i got it down and managed to keep it down.

weight loss was, meh...i only lost .4 pounds. i hope to do better next week. but, i also know that losing slow and steady is the way i will be able to keep it off, and that is my overarching goal for this entire journey. although i'm impatient and want to see immediate results, i have to keep reminding myself that it's a marathon, not a sprint...and even though i may not be droppin' lb's like they're hot, my fitness is improving every day. i spanked some skinny bia's in the 5K last week (court - 1; skinny minnie's - 0), and i'm able to run 5.5 miles now without dying. i must be doing something right!

this next week is a light-ish one according to my training plan. one less day of working out (which i think i deserve!) and it's supposed to be light on intensity and time. i'm going to do a little bit more than they recommend, but i'm still going to try and take it a bit easy - i'm running a friggin' 10K on sunday!

here's the plan:

monday - ST - arms/core
tuesday- rest + 6 min routine
wednesday - 3 mile run
thursday - 45 min cardio + arms/core ST
friday - 2 mile run + 6 min routine
saturday - REST!
sunday - 10K BABY!

have a great week!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • NAILAH09
    good luck with your 10k. you are going to rock it!
    3186 days ago
  • STINA6584
    Woohoo! You are going to kick some 10K butt!

    I commend you on being able to run hills at all. I had my first experience with a hilly run this weekend while I was in Iowa. Seriously. I thought I was going to die. My heart rate actually hit 190 when I got to the top of the first hill. I thought it was going to explode. So seriously, finishing 10K on a hilly course is something to be damn proud of - even if it takes you longer than 80 minutes (which I bet it won't anyway because you are awesome!)!
    3186 days ago
    You're rockin' it sister... good for you!
    3186 days ago
  • LLBEAN75
    You are going to ROCK it! I'm so glad to hear you are running at about a 13 minute mile - that give me hope since that's around my pace now!! :)

    GO GIRL!!!
    3186 days ago
    Everything sounds like it's going AWESOME! :) You're totally going to kick some butt on your 10k!
    3186 days ago
  • KARVY09
    Can't wait to hear how the 10K goes! You're doing great! Don't fret the weight loss; if you're exercising and feeling great, that's what matters!
    3187 days ago
    Yay 10k is just around the corner! You are going to do GREAT haha. A course being "hilly" is just never something I even consider in the great Midwest. Don't get too down about "only" a .4 lb loss. You're losing right? yep. That's even with a somewhat hilarious (sorry) setback haha. It's only funny because you didn't get TOO hurt. That would TOTALLY happen to me and it's why high heels kinda freak me out. I hope you have a great week, you definitely deserve the extra little bit of rest! Soon you will have finishing a 10k crossed off of your fitness to-do list, hooray!
    3187 days ago
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