Light Bulb Moments Suspended in Time

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I have noticed that my lightbulb moments are usually very logical discoveries that I should have picked up way before.
My lightbulb moment today was this. My biggest trigger time to graze starts the minute I get home from work and continues throughout the evening. So if sipping a smoothie throughout the morning keeps me from getting hungry, doesn't it stand to reason that if I have a smoothie on hand to sip through the evening I should be deterred from picking at all those carbs?
I sure think its worth a try and will begin to double the size I blend together in the morning and it will be waiting for me when I arrive home. Yep, its a plan.
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    emoticon emoticon
    3186 days ago
    O.K. now I'll comment here and have all bases covered haha.
    Jo: One of the video blogs I looked at today was about a veggie smoothie. I didn't watch the whole thing but it did get me to thinking. I like V8 so there would probably be something I might like. I'm just having a hard time thinking of what it might be (she says with a grimace on her face).
    3192 days ago
    Yea Jo is not a snacker, so it is hard for her to know what us grazers go through.
    BUT she is right, Nancy, maybe you could add some protein powder in it.
    Also, you could look into some veg smothies. Made from fresh veg.

    Can't hurt, right?

    3192 days ago
    First off Nancy love those little prop pictures you found -ideal!

    Well I think that this is a good idea for you but sweet and with fruit it is sweet- I just want I need protein to make me feel full and not eat like you said grazing...
    But then I really am not a snacker or grazer so to speak so maybe not getting what you gals are going through..

    If Mary won't mind--like when we watch tv or movie she would love to have popcorn well see I do not need this but alas if she does want it I make it I eat it... this is when I need my water...this is for me so might not work for you...

    All in all I think this should be given a try ---it might work for you so that would be good... and it is healthy so what the heck go for it..

    Good Luck and please keep us informed as how it is working.. hey what about putting some protein powder in the smoothie this would certainly help with the hungry aspect of it.

    emoticon JO
    3192 days ago
    Yep, good plan, I find when I have stuff in the frig ready for eating when I get home from work, I eat better and it stops me from grazing, as U call it. I am just like you if I am hungry when I get in the door, I look for anything quick and easy ,then I keep it up until dinner is ready, nothing satisfies me. I do not get full.

    When I have a nice chicken salad or a big spinach salad I am happy. My weight goes so much better when I do this.

    Hugs Mary
    3193 days ago
    GREAT idea Nancy and yeah, my lightbulbs are the same... things I should have already figured out, haha!
    3193 days ago
    Sounds like a great plan, it only stands to reason if it works through the day, should work after work and in the evening.

    Are you not a water drinker? That is what I do at the office, drink my water and I crave it.
    3193 days ago
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