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Friday, September 25, 2009

Coach Nancy's latest blog got me thinking...I'll share my post and other thoughts related to aging:


This 52-year-old is just waking up to the potential that my body has for ACTION, for MOVEMENT! I just don't want to HEAR about the aging process slowing me down just when I'm getting my GAME ON! I see, hear and feel various signs of evidence that I am NOT being spared the aging process and I don't like it one bit!

Part of me hates to complain at ALL about anything physical as I know MANY of you out there are struggling with medical matters far more serious than anything be-deviling ME these days. My personal reference, however, is that despite all the abuse I've inflicted on myself through the years, my health has pretty much held up admirably well. And in many ways I am healthier now than I've been all my life.

NOW, however, I've got these *issues* cropping up which are such NUISANCES and also giving me cause for some worry. I really begrudge taking the time away from work to see doctors, yet I know I've got to take care of business also.

For the squemish among you, feel free to pass over the next section about my colon...I REALLY didn't want to post this, but I'm struggling to find a solution and felt I couldn't pass up running this by all you knowledgeable folks! :-)

I recently *attempted* to have a colonoscopy screening. For some off-color, scatological (you've been forewarned...lol!) humor about colonoscopies, check out Billy Connolly's skit on Scottish Colonoscopy:


It was quite serendipitous that a friend who knew nothing of my recent attempt had forwarded this to me...!

Anyhow, I flunked! Took all the pills and mixtures, waited for Mt. Vesuvius to erupt...nothing happened! Went to the hospital anyway and they attempted to *assist* my colon, thought things were clear and put me under for the procedure...but no dice...still not clear. Now I've never ever had this sort of problem before in my life! What's worse? I'm four days out from the attempt and have yet to have a bowel movement. I'm usually a once a day, two days at most kind of guy! I've followed up with the gastroenterologist and we have another date set for attempt #2...not until Oct. 16th...ugh, what a birthday present to myself...! But I've alerted them to my problem and am awaiting further instructions. In the meantime I've been doing my own 'net sleuthing and just about the only thing I'm turning up is info about the "lazy colon" syndrome, which sounds like it fits my symptoms, but doesn't fit ME!

It's said that lazy colons that don't have the peristaltic motion they ought to can occur as the result of too little water, too little fiber, too little physical activity or if one has abused laxatives...of which I've never laid my hands on and am extremely reluctant to do this now! Me, who drinks all this water, eats more veggies than ever and am doing my daily cardio faithfully! Now I'm bumping the water and veggies up even more and adding a Metamucil type stuff to 3 glasses of water a day...and I'm waiting...and waiting...and getting nervous that this is signaling something worse than constipation. Is it possible that in the bad old days of horrible eating that I've stretched my colon out so that it doesn't function the way it should and the only thing that moves food through is MORE food...? Is it taking all this time to fill up what has been cleansed before more can be evacuated...? Nasty questions and thoughts...apologies for these but I'm worried.

Let's add to that the return of the mysteriously disappearing hernia...!

Along with an inner ear pressure problem that likes to get infected...!

I tip my hat off to those of you who struggle so successfully with chronic illnesses...as I just don't have the patience for such things...argh!

Okay, for the good news:

As most of you know, strategy #1 in my quest for ONEderland has been to temporarily swear off nuts. Well yesterday I had to stop off at CVS to pick up a couple of prescriptions. The 5 bell alarm did not go off immediately, it was only when I had the thought of sliding into my old habit of going in to pick up the prescriptions...along with a big can of cashews or some such! Caught myself and went through the drive-through instead...woo hoo!

AND this morning I broke through my 35 min. record and NAILED THREE MILES on my treadmill session...a BIG WOO HOO! :-)

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    Hey, Don, emoticon on the fabulous treadmill session!! Question: Did your feet ever touch the ground in those paltry 35 minutes?? That's phenomenal! And thanks for posting the hilarious Billy Connolly piece! I laughed so hard, I cried...and my husband came in here and howled at it, too! It was like listening to Robert Burns sing "Skip to the Loo," in an odd sort of way. He's a stitch! I am stumped by your intestinal torpor, especially since you sound like, well, a "regular guy." Here's how I handled the age-50 "rite of passage" (pun intended). Not wanting to have the cacaphony (pun not intended) Connolly described, I opted for eating just soup the day before my colon prep. The prep just raced right through me like water, and I was clean as a whistle on Up Periscope day. I also didn't have all the cramping and mess others have described. The only unclean portion of my GI tract - and I awoke mid-colonoscopy and saw it on the big screen - was my cecum. It's sort of a tiny, blind alleyway which leads to a dead end (again, no pun...). I apologized to the gastro-doc for not having cleaned it well, and he assured me that it's impossible to get that portion clean. So if you're concerned, you might try just soup the day before your prep day. Good going on avoiding the nuts at CVS and opting for the drive-thru instead!!

    And poor Nancy...I didn't want to break it to her about what lies ahead...or behind, perhaps... - Susan
    3164 days ago
    Yeah, like Oragmifreak said... at 55, I have to moniter my fiber. I need LOTS of soluble and insoluble fiber. More than average.
    And... I bet the 'quititng' nuts has something to do with it.
    Maybe you can share your food log? Or do you track?
    I've got arthritis in my EAR, fer gosh sake. Bodies.
    Gotta love 'em.
    Congrats on the 3 miles on the treadmill.
    OOOO_ went and looked at the link... lol!
    3165 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/25/2009 12:38:00 PM
  • L*I*T*A*
    sorry to hear your difficultties........hopefully the dr's will resolve this quickly...........way to go with your workouts...................you will be there sooner rather than later.................have a great day..........blessings and hugs............lita
    3165 days ago
    Sorry to hear about all the issues. Glad to hear that you beat your best time on the treadmill. Before you know it you will be in onderland and able to run longer..
    3165 days ago
    Dude, those nuts you just swore off were probably providing a lot of fiber that your body was used to...

    You don't have your nutritional intake visible, but perhaps you actually need more fiber than the generic SP guidelines recommend?

    I've noticed for myself, two things about my own calorie restriction and increased protein intake. First, there does seem to be a minimum volume necessary to move food through. And second, protein binds things up very very well.

    So I add 2t of psyllium (soluble fiber) and 1/8c wheat bran (insoluble fiber) to each of my protein shakes. The insoluble fiber gives the digestive system something to push against. The soluble fiber provides mass and slows down the movement to a reasonable pace and keeps the insoluble fiber in solution while I drink the shake.

    Some days I get over 40g of fiber. And that seems to suit my system really well.

    Just my 2 cents.
    3165 days ago
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