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Thursday, September 24, 2009

A few months ago I reached my goal, but since I am a team co-leader I continued to visit my main team , 50's 60's 70's and Older Welcome, daily, and sometimes more often.
I stepped on the scale one day and realize that I had put on 5 pounds again.

I started thinking and mulled over in my mind what I had been doing different in the last few weeks, that could be piling the pounds on again. My great friend and co leader Sherry had just added a thread in the team stickys called JUST ADD ONE. The challenge was to add one mile or one excercise to our daily routine. That was about the same time I'd noticed that I had gained 5 pounds back.

I was still eating about the same, trying to meet daily protein, calorie, fat and carbs requirements. The only thing that I was doing more of was sitting at the computer.

I had gone into a slump of JUST ONE of solitaire, read another health article, read another recipe, send another joke my sister had sent me, chat with a friend, send an inspirational to a friend who was down, play just one more game of solitaire, remember that email I needed to answer from my granddaughter...........and on and on and on with my JUST ONE MORES instead of Sherry's JUST ADD ONE'S.

I looked around and realized that my house could use a bit of attention. I checked my bike and realized that the tires were flat. How long had it been sitting in the store room? I tried to remember the last time I took a good long walk. I dusted off my Leslie Sansone DVD and did a bout of good walking with her. I spent a day doing some good old fashioned elbow exertion in the bathrooms and with the vacume cleaner. I cleaned my kitchen. I dusted and vacumed my grimey house. I looked for my clipboard with my TO DO list and realized it took me longer to find it than it would have taken me to sort the pile of mail and file it away, that I had stacked on my dusty sewing machine where I found the clipboard.

Now I always keep up with daily chores like wiping down counters, keeping dishes washed, the laundry done, keep the kitchen floors clean and swishing the bathroom and I love to work outside.

The extreme heat of our Texas summer kept me indoors a lot. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

I suppose that after my granddaughters left, after spending a wonderful two weeks here with me, and the physical melt down that happened after a family reunion the last week of their stay, gave me a reason to have a little break. But I also realized that I was having a bout of the blues and letting myself sink into mild depression sitting at the computer, thinking about the grandkids growing up, getting married, going off to college and how much I miss them.

One little thing after another seemed to give me a reason to sit on my backside and the wakeup call was when I stepped on that scale.........................
..5 POUNDS in less than 2 months!!! THAT WOULD ADD UP TO 30 POUNDS IN A YEAR.

That was when I realized that the computer was not going to get the better of me. I HAVE to get up and move. Sitting at the computer reading emails and health articles was helping me gain weight back that I had worked so hard to get rid of. Heck.......I even read cereal boxes!

I thought about it long and hard and decided that I would allow myself a certain amount of time on the computer. PERIOD.

At the age of 67, my body still moves good. I'm fortunate to be able to walk, move fast if I have to, and dance a bit. I can still keep up my own yard and love it when my house is neat and company ready. I go into a panic and stress if someone calls and says they will drop in for an overnighter. I love for my family to visit and don't want my eyes moving around the room to see if I missed some dust they might see, while they are here.
I also love to visit with the dozens of friends I've made, around the world but I realize that it's going to undo all the hard work I've done getting back to a reasonable weight, if I keep letting the computer have ALL of my attention.

I love SPARKPEOPLE and all of the lovely friends that I have met here. I will never give up what I have found here. I have also learned that I need to discipline myself to make sure that my mind and body are active in other ways too. I NEED to get up and walk. I NEED to ride my bike. I NEED to keep my house cleaner and neater. I NEED to check my yard and make sure that is stays groomed. I do NOT need the depression that sets in when I let these things go.

Just like we NEED to make sure we are eating right, we NEED to make sure that our bodies are moving enough through normal activities to burn a good amount of calories. Extra excercise is a bonus and will help get to our desired goals. We can use our imaginations and do certain chores while we watch TV. Turning on some favorite music while we mop a floor will make our mind and body connect to move to the rhythm of the music and put a little more life into our movements.

I've lost that 5 pounds!!

I've changed my mindset to JUST ONE MORE chore instead of one more half hour at the computer:o) Marie
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    Marie, I love your blog. It makes a lot of since.
    I do my best to exercise. My DH and go to the stores and walk around, then we go to another place where I can walk, then my DS and I walk around in different stores. I park away from the stores. It's not a fast walk yet. I'm working it slowly, but right now I don't know how many miles I walk because I don't keep track .
    4215 days ago
    JUST ONE MORE chore Marie.. a fantastic. blog. yes one more chore a day.. will do wonders. i must remember that. lol.. hugs and thanks for this blog .. we all need to do JUST ADD ONE
    4215 days ago
    Marie I love this Blog. Yes you have made me wake up to just sitting playing games and reading is the way we put back on and I am now doing more walking and watching my food and water in take . I love the team and all the help support and Laughter that You Sherry and the rest of the team have brought into my life. Bless you all emoticon emoticon
    4215 days ago
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    JUST ADD ONE.....cup of friendly words
    JUST ADD ONE.....pint of time and patience
    JUST ADD ONE.....heaping basket of humor
    JUST ADD ONE.....bushel of caring
    JUST ADD ONE.....large pinch of warm understanding
    Season to taste with the spice of life.

    Serve yourself first.....there will be leftovers to be shared, and welcomed by everyone.

    hugs, Marie...... emoticon
    4215 days ago
    Yes I agree with you. I try to get my housework done before I get on the computer most of the time. But my bad habit is reading books and such. That sucks me in and I spend the day not exercising. I can not even read and walk on the treadmill so that doesn't help. The TV is another distraction from what I should be doing. So I will do like you and put myself on a schedule, and only allow a set amount of time for each activity. Thanks for the suggestion.
    4216 days ago
    This was awesome! Thanks!
    4216 days ago
    Wonderful blog Marie. Thank you for sharing it.
    4216 days ago
    Marie that was a wonderful blog and so true. I am on the computer much too much also (even on vacation) I need to portion out my time better. You just said it all!
    4216 days ago
    I am listening to you my friend. Every word is true and I am making changes. I think my garden will look pretty spiffy in the next season.
    4216 days ago
    Marie all that you say is true, In the begining I spent so much time reserching how to loose weight that I put it on too.
    Like you It did dawn on me, and now I excercise BEFORE the screen can suck me in.
    But I will keep it in my mind as a WARNING.
    Thanks Marie.
    4216 days ago
    Thanks to all of you. We can always do ourselves and our friends a big favor by not keeping them there chatting away too. Maybe we should start saying, "Lets go clean the bathroom and see who can get back to the computer first:o)"

    Love you gals!!!
    4216 days ago
    A good and inspiring lesson. Thank you.
    4216 days ago
    We all know the feeling, just one more minute, check this e mail etc. All things in moderation, I think about cutting back on teams but couldn't choose, have it down to the ones I am happy in now. Am getting better at using least I have a rule, I NEVER eat at the computer so it keeps me form eating as much as it keeps me from moving
    So pleased you lost the 5 lbs
    4216 days ago
    That was GREAT! a real learning lesson. I am at the computer more, too. I WILL get up and vacuum in a few minutes. I also have made wonderful friends on SP and need to be careful of my time. is so fun!!! emoticon
    4216 days ago
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