Is Dieting Like AA?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

If I were in AA right now, they would tell me something to the degree of it’s not good to be around current alcoholics/ non-AA members. They could cause me to sway and forget my purpose. Does the same apply to weight loss?

I believe it does.

- People who are overweight tend to not care what they eat. Worse, they tend to play off dieting, and encourage others to join in on the fried food/carb fest.

- Tend to back-handedly support their dieting/healthy friends by encouraging then tempting them. Or worse, speak negatively and hurt the Dieter’s feelings.

- Sell the beauty is on the inside theory.

- In a lot of cases, they don’t care about how they look/have no idea how bad they look. Similar to a hardcore alcoholic who looks awful!

As much as I hate to say this, I am starting to realize/appreciate the men and women who are brave/honest enough to admit that they would rather not date a fat person. They want someone who is fit and eats healthy and most of all cares about him/herself. That used to seriously tick me off. How dare they!? Now I’m starting to understand. Being healthy is not easy. Rejecting delicious food is so not easy. It takes work to look great. If one party works to look great, and the other doesn’t. What message does that send out? Not a good one!

I guess this is why I'm so glad I have my fellow sparkers to keep me encouraged. I also know that they only mean well. We all have the same mission. Unfortunately, not everyone in reality is so kind.

Thank you!

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    This is all SO very true!!!
    3810 days ago
    I know what you're saying. It really is nice to be around people I have something in common with. And right now my main focus is on being healthier and I like to be around people who are practicing the same principles. I also believe certain foods are addictive.
    3841 days ago
    Hi! I enjoyed reading your blog. I agree with your AA analogy, but not for the reasons you mention. Even if your friends are not actively trying to sabotage your dieting efforts, it can still be very difficult to be around them, in the same situations and environments, if they are not willing to change. Especially if you're in the early stages of your diet and haven't built up sufficient inner control/resolve. Even without your friends' prodding, it's so easy to fall back into bad habits.
    3842 days ago
    Good blog! Part of me doesn't completely agree, but I do see what you mean and it's definitely something to think about!
    3842 days ago
    Great blog. Yes, in the past I have known some overweight friends to get jealous when someone else was losing weight, hello saboteurs. Of course, I have also had friends who were a great support and we exercised together, I guess you just have to get them on board. Yay for sparkfriends :)
    3842 days ago
    Way to go, Lis..............I know you put this thought out there before and nww you have blogged about it. :) That is good. I agree with Legalgb............I think that thin people with super high metabolism can really be lousy eaters.........thin DOES NOT equal healthy. I had a friend tht I could spit through :) and she ate Cocoa Pebbles like they were going out of style. So, I think this balance is a tough thing.I do not think I am addicted to food, yet I am way overweight. I think my problem is I am adverse to exercise, so it all looks the same. I look EXACTLY like my mother did at this stage in her life. She was not a healthy person, bt she was not a binge eater and so on either. I think there are lots of shades of gray and in between . Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    3842 days ago
    Oh I know it has hurt me a lot when I was shunned because of my size. Nobody had the whatever to call me fat to my face, but I knew what was up. When you said rejecting delicious food is not easy. I so very much agree. One of my very favorite activities is cooking and creating new recipes. My friends are chefs and how they manage to stay thin is surprising. So hang in there we love you
    3842 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2951518
    I agree with you in that sometimes, being around people who are insensitive to your dieting/exercising concerns can be very frustrating. My younger sister often rolls her eyes or gets irritated if I in ANY way refer to trying to be healthy. I feel like I can't even mention it around some people...
    3842 days ago
    I completely agree. They have scientific studies on this now -- if your friends are overweight then chances are you will be too and you will eat more with them than with thin people. I actually really do believe it. Part of my inspiration for starting my "latest health kick" is that a group of my friends did it for the past 6 months or so and are doing so well. I'm so proud of them and wanted "in". But yes, when I'm with those that don't care about what they are eating, its really hard.

    The only difference I'd point out is that it isn't a fat versus thin thing. Being around thin people who eat terrible is actually the worst possible thing for me. I dated a guy who was thin but ate incredibly unhealthy (crazy metabolism) and it would have been better for me to date an overweight person that was at least trying to eat healthy!

    And yes, I fully admit to being addicted to food.
    3842 days ago
    Great BLOG! I really liked it, I especially liked your commentary about being honest about NOT being attracted to fat people. It's true, I'm *more* attracted to fit people than I ever used to be. For me, the reason is purely selfish and goes way beyond aesthetics, appearance of self esteem/self care. No, my rationale for being *more* attracted to fit people, is they will probably be more likely to join me in MY activities.

    As far as weight loss being like AA, I don't think it's the same. Most people have struggled with weight loss. So, they are more inclined to respect your dietary imitations. In fact, they may even want to support you in your weight loss effort. For me the hard thing is having the courage to speak up about my dieting needs. There's always a fear of being an outcast, as least as far as restaurant choices go!

    Good luck in your journey!
    3842 days ago
    When I first started losing weight, it was hard to walk away from certain foods and I used to kid around with a friend of mine and say, "Hi my name is ___ and I'm a weight-a-holic." Because to me it was tough to say no to the addiction of those foods.
    3842 days ago
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