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Stasis - or - Being Stuck

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I was cleaning the tops of my classroom glue bottles this morning - kids forget to screw the top on tight, the glue dries and gets stuck - and I realized that's kind of how I feel. Stuck. Static. Not moving. Not getting worse, but not getting better, either. Plateaued.

I was in a car accident this summer, my taxi was rear-ended by another taxi. So now I'm dealing with residual whiplash - which is a very real condition, I'm finding out. And all the upper back/shoulder/neck issues are exacerbating my already problematic lower back. Making intense cardio impossible. And, some days, making plain old walking difficult.

I try to look at the bright side - at least I'm not gaining weight - and I can get around - and live relatively normally - I'm not in a cast or brace or any of the things I've been in for a variety of injuries.

But I'm also not back to normal. I'm not ready for work on the mural, where I'm up on a ladder cementing on tiles above my head, or scraping excess concrete. My neck and shoulders and shoulder blades just feel tired (when they aren't in pain).

So I'm stuck. Like a glue bottle, with all that glue ready to come out - I'm stuck with all this energy and enthusiasm and ideas, and I just can't quite get the top open to let everything come out.

I wish I could just take some hot water and a paperclip and open things up, the way I do with a glue bottle. But bones and soft tissue don't quite work that way. Especially when they're 55 yrs old.
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    Sometimes when you are swimming against the tide, not going backwards is a victory.
    3194 days ago
  • SAPNA.
    Maybe you should not be trying to do the exercises. I went to our hospitals "Back School" to learn which exercises were safe to do and which to avoid. I have very limited movement other than walking. What about Yoga? With that you can strengthen your body without overdoing it. Once you are recovered then you could try something a bit more advanced.

    I take it the turtles did not hatch poor little things. That is so very sad.
    3194 days ago
    Mostly I'm going to my chiropractor twice a week - my neck and spine have gotten way out of alignment with the muscles being so tight as a result of the accident, that I need to be adjusted constantly. (I normally go every 2 weeks to keep my lower back, where I have degenerating disks, in shape.) I also normally do lower back stretches and exercises, but, well, it's hard to do crunches when the upper back and neck muscles are compromised.

    Haven't tried physical therapy - though the chiro does heat and electro-massage therapy on my back/neck after the adjustment.

    I guess it's just the long healing process that gets me - I want to be back to normal NOW! Patience is not one of my strong points, LOL!
    3195 days ago
    I hurt my back when I was 20. For a whole year about the most strenuous thing I could do was to sit up for an hour or two. When I was in high school I threw shot and discus in track & field and was when I hurt my back was still fairly muscular. After a year of being nearly bedridden and not being able to do any exercise my muscles atrophied and I felt like a shadow of my former self.

    It did take a few years but I did bounce back. I don't know about your injury but are you in physical therapy? Would a TENS unit help you?
    3195 days ago
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