Dealing With a Sweet Tooth Craving @ the Grocery Store

Sunday, September 20, 2009

So my Aunt Cramper is in town right now, and like the other 95% of women out there I have been craving something incredibly sweet and/or chocolaty. So I've been dodging sweet food like the plague, until I realized I also needed to get some Diet Cokes. So I had to finally break down and go to the grocery store.

I Walked through the produce section and nothing caught my eye. Walked down the frozen pizza isle, nothing caught my eye. Grabbed the Diet Cokes. Bingo! Decided to walk over to the ice-cream isle. Now on my way to the ice-cream section I passed by the potato chips, little debbie cakes (Cosmo Brownies are the best!!!), and finally got to the ice-cream.

Now in my unhealthy/stressed life it was not unusual for me to stop by the grocery store and grab a chicken tender platter (bout 7-8 pieces) and a pint of B&J Karmel Sutra (my fav!) or Cookie Dough. I would then go home and put in a DVD or rent a movie on iTunes and feast on cold chicken tenders with honey mustard and for dessert... B&J! The whole pint.

Why did I do this to myself?

I was talking to my Dear Male Friend (DMF) last night, and he doesn't understand why people buy B&J when you can get a gallon of ice-cream for the same price as a pint. My opinion on that is 1) B&J is second best or depending on the person..better than sex! 2) if B&J went through the statistics they would find their market is primarily women. Single women and feminine gay men. :) Why fems? Especially single ones... there is an existing stigma out there that single women drown their sorrows in ice-cream and everyone is aware of this. Also, fems never like to feel like they're doing something in excess, right? Feel like a pig? Messing up their figure, etc.etc. hehe. Whereas manly men don't give a crap about their figure for the most part. At least not when it comes to ice-cream and beer. So the last thing a woman wants to do at the grocery store is grab a large frozen pizza and a gallon of ice-cream on a Friday night. Instead she acts conservatively and grabs a pint. Looks much more appropriate when she checks out. Right? :) 3) With a pint, it doesn't process that you're overeating because you can hold the entire container in your hand. Whereas if you emptied the pint into a cereal bowl you would see that you are a pig if you eat all of it. Most likely the entire pint would not fit in the bowl. The cardboard creatively hides the visual effects of overindulging. All you can see is the top layer.

So back to what I was saying, I got to the ice-cream isle and decided to compare some good looking ice-creams. Klondike bars, B&J, Skinny Cow, Weight Watchers, and some off brands. This was a learning experience for me. I learned that if the box says low fat or low calorie then it normally has a ton of carbs. I was looking for something that was low fat, low calorie, and low on carbs (I did not go down the water isle :) ) I also learned that I was committing emotional/physical suicide to ever indulge in B&J. Period!

Remember the little ice-cream cups you could buy in school for like 50 cents that came with a little stick. Well, B&J is making those now. I'm on an 800 calorie diet, and to eat a little cup would be like 2 shakes for me. Sadly, the container would only be enough to piss me off and want more. So I would most likely consume the second cup since they so kindly sell them in 2's. I resisted!

I actually stumbled on Edy's Fruit Bars with no added sugar. For 1 bar there are 30 calories, no fat, no sodium, 8 carbs, 1g of fiber, and 1g of sugar. Not bad considering I needed something sweet. Fruit is naturally sweet, and you can actually see strawberry seeds in the strawberry ones so they do use REAL fruit. Not concentrate.

At the checkout counter, there was a huge stack of Honey buns. On sale this week for 99 cents. The reason they were so cheap was that they wanted people to donate them to the local food bank/soup kitchen. I kindly asked the cashier to ring up 3 packs for me. I guess since I was vague she bagged 3 packs (6 buns to a pack) and put them in my buggy. Now this was the perfect opportunity for me to either a) donate 2 and keep one for myself, or keep them all! What did I do? I made it very clear that those buns were not going with me, but staying at the store for the person behind me to hear. I then walked over and placed all 3 packs in the donation bin, and smiled feeling very proud of myself. When I walked back to the buggy I found that the person behind me had also decided to donate 3 packs. I'm pretty sure I did a good thing. Good things come in 3's. :) I also felt satisfaction leaving the store which I had come to seeking sweet tooth satisfaction. Leaving I had found a way to cure my sweet tooth (fruit bars) and given sweet goods to people in need.

Sorry to be so winded, but that was a great grocery store visit :)

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    Oh I could see everything as I was journeying with you through the store. My mouth was watering. And THEN...I remembered something I had blocked. I ate a carton of B&J EVERY NIGHT for about 6 months. That's where some of that weight came from. Anyway yes those fruit popsicles are delicious. I have some of them in my freezer. GREAT WILLPOWER, LADY!

    I have been experimenting lately with chocolate recipes for Optifast. Like a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa and sugar free chocolate syrup (found in the coffee Isle)and Oh I just miss my chocolate. I posted the recipe for Almond Joy shakes. It is really delicious and will be better when I upgrade it. (smile)
    3841 days ago
    Good work Lis!!!!!
    3842 days ago
    I am so proud of you, Lis! Interestingly enough, I just came back from the grocery store and read your blog. Wow, I can relate! I stood in the ice cream isle, not willing to spend a flippin' fortune on Skinny Cows and other low fat ice cream stuff. I can't believe, even in the Super Walmart, how expensive food is! But, I digress. So, since I couldn't stomach the over pricing low fat stuff, and I know better than to look at anything else, I walked away. I went over to the pudding isle and I got single servings of rice pudding, which do the trick for me!

    I am so proud of you. You are seriously making LIFE STYLE changes and rockin' this weight loss. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!
    3842 days ago
    Well done girl! emoticon
    3842 days ago
    Great job!

    I think you are really on to something there with the ice cream philosophy. I'll bet that B&J does have a huge femme customer base. Hey just because it's a stereotype doesn't mean it isn't true! I know I'd rather "drown my sorrows" in beer and pizza any day!

    You really have something to be proud of there, passing up all the things that could have been so unhealthy. Taking the time to make educated decisions is a real key to success.

    Have you tried the frozen banana trick yet? It works for me, but I know it isn't for everyone. You freeze a banana then mangle it in the food processor for like 5 minutes or so. It turns out the same consistency as soft serve ice cream. I add a couple of fresh cherries, a few pecans, and some light canned whipped cream. For me, it's just like having a banana split - but with little fat, and under 200 calories. If leave off the nuts and whipped cream you can get it under 100 calories and zero fat.
    3842 days ago
    Way to go, Lis! :) 800 calories a day doesn't leave a whole lot of room to accommodate a ravenous sweet tooth, and a period doesn't leave a whole lot of room to NOT accommodate a ravenous sweet tooth -- lol -- so BIG kudos to you for finding a healthy, fulfilling way to scratch that itch! And way to go on inspiring the person behind you in line to follow in your footsteps and donate to the food bank!

    I, too, have a huge soft spot for B&J's... Americone Dream and Cherry Garcia... mmmm... but man, those rich treats really pack in the calories! One of my "good" treats is a Dreyer's Snack Size Fruit and Cream Bars -- not quite as healthy as your Edy's, from the sound of it, but still not too bad at 45 calories and 9 carbs... they're teensy little things, but enough to take the edge off of any little creamy-sweet cravings I may have. Lime and cream is my favorite. :) http://www.dreyers.com/brand/fruitb

    Keep it up, lady! You're doing GREAT! :)
    3842 days ago
    My downfall at the grocery store is the checkout aisle. I've been having dreams that I own a grocery store and have single serving packs of sliced fruit/veggies at half the checkouts.

    Sure, my candy sells might go down, but oh well.

    Nice tip of the fruit bars, I happen to have some ice cream in the fridge right now from making shakes last night. As long as I get out one small serving and put everything else away so I'm not tempted I've been doing well lately with small portions. Leaving the container next to me while I'm doing something like watching TV is a different story.
    3842 days ago
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