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La Negra - Mexican Folkloric Dance

Friday, September 18, 2009

This is my entry in the DONE girl dance challenge. I danced Mexican Folkloric dances for ten years of my life... it's always been my passion. I look forward to loosing all this weight so that I can get back to dancing. =) I was hesitant about uploading the video because well it can be a little embarrasing, but I figured it was yet another way to keep myself accountable. I want to be able to dance like I used to when I was young and not have this weight hold me back. I'm normally a very modest person, but in this case, if I dont praise myself, then who will.... I was an amazing dancer back in my days and I dont want that to be just another memory... I want to be able to relive my passion for dance! So consider this my before video... I will plan on posting them periodically so I can see the difference in my physical ability to perform.

P.S. my left knee is really hurting me right now so the dance is not the greatest because I couldnt really do the steps correctly with my knee the way it it.... which is yet another reason I need to loose weight.

P.S.S. When we dance this, we dont wear jeans, we typically wear these beautiful dresses and look more like this, but my skirt's in storage right now.

Video notes: I didnt mean to cut my head off, the camera just wasn't far away enough. This was what I remember from this dance so if someone sees it and says it doesnt go like that, you're probably right, but I tried. Oh, yeah, and I screwed up at the end thinking it was over when it wasnt... oops! hehehehehe.
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