Unexpected Culprit

Friday, September 18, 2009

I finally had my orthopedic appointment yesterday afternoon. The moment the Dr. set foot in the door, my mouth fell open. He looks just like my oldest son! I see people all the time who look like my younger son. I guess he has a common body type/face. But I've only met one other person who looks like my older son, until I met this doctor. Really surprising.

I was there a long time and asked a lot of questions and covered a lot of things concerning my chronic pain. But the main issue is this hip pain I've been having that has brought me to a complete standstill for the past 3 months. And right there on my MRI where even I could see it, is a very long bone spur, growing off the top of the ball and socket joint that is my right hip!

If you point your index finger, then crook it downward, the side view of it is what the spur looks like. Like a FANG from some wild animal, and it's biting me in the . . . hip. lol I feel like Phyllis Diller, complaining about Fang. lol

The cartilage in my hip joint is fine, except where this spur grows downward off the top of the socket. It curves and narrows so that it is scraping away any cartilage there, and restricting the movement of my hip. My hip can't move properly, so everything else compensates or tries to, anyway. Muscles in the back, side and front of my leg all the way down to my knee, compensate, trying to keep my body moving the way it should even when my hip isn't working properly. Lots of muscle knots and pain.

First option - a "guided injection" of cortisone into that area. That should relieve the pain right away and last for 3 months. If not, I'm to call my Dr./son-look-alike right away and he'll refer me on to a surgeon to remove the spur. He even wrote his name, his secretary's name and phone number on a card and handed it to me. A very big plus in this huge hospital system that is my HMO.

I stay away from drugs all I can and am usually completely drug free. But I'd rather try the cortisone than have surgery. Also, if the pain persists, then it means something else is causing it, and maybe I'll see the nerve and muscle specialist next.

I have his blessing to exercise even while in pain, as long as I don't do anything outrageous. I'm never sure when to work through the pain and when to stop. So he gave me a better understanding of what to do in that respect.

Now I wait for them to call and schedule me with my consult for this injection. Everything takes time...

Not moving hasn't been my only problem. Why is it true that -

The more we HAVE on our plate, the more we PUT on our plate?
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  • JUDY1676
    It's always good to know why--even though we don't always like the why! Good luck to you and I hope the injection will help. I'll be anxious to hear as I'm going to the Dr. next week and hippain is one thing on my plate,also!
    3199 days ago
    Sorry I missed this blog. It is good to know there is a reason for your pain. I wish you the best in getting rid of it.
    emoticon Irene
    3199 days ago
    A least now you have a diagnosis. I don't know what that injection is like, but I have arthritis in both hands in the thumb area. I have had injections several times for the pain and it really helps. It stings like the devil when I get them, but after a day I am pain free for quite awhile. Hope your injection works for you. They say I will need surgery eventually, but they consider me too young for it now...who ever thought 60 would be considered too young for anything!!!
    3201 days ago
    I know this is not a good diagnosis, but at least you have some options.

    Thank you so much for sharing, and I know you will do great. I've had many cortisone injections.

    I'm glad they found something that is not life threatening. You are always in my prayers! Good luck and the injection will hurt a little, LOL
    3201 days ago
  • NANCY-
    It good to know the reason for your pain. Having a "Fang" in your hip would explain a lot of the pain.

    3201 days ago
  • --KREN
    Linda and Martha, you're both right. KNOWING is worth a lot! Karen
    3201 days ago
    You must be relieved to have an answer to what has been your problem. It is also a relief to know there are options.

    3201 days ago
  • MOGAL1946
    Sounds like you have found a great doctor with the added bonus of looking like your son. I'm glad they have finally discovered what is causing your pain and hope the injection will let you have months of pain free living. Knowing is one-half the battle as we tend to imagine more than is really there. Here's to Sparking without any pain! emoticon
    3201 days ago
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