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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So, did you catch the season premier of The Biggest Loser? I never used to watch this show--it made me angry that people got eliminated when they were working so hard and clearly needed the resources and support of the show to support their efforts. I was really against the fact that the new "healthy lifestyle" they were developing was so extreme that it would be impossible for most people to maintain that intensity after the show. But, mid season last year, for some reason, I started watching BL, and even though I still don't agree with all of the extreme tactics that are used, I found it inspirational to see how the contestants were changing their lives, and I found my own motivation increasing. I was really excited for the new season to start.

So, I had dinner plans with a friend who is on Weight Watchers, and we decided to watch the show together afterward. Dinner was good--grilled salmon and veggies. A respectable choice. But we took dessert to go (I got a slice of raspberry pie) and went back to her house and sat on the couch eating our pie while we watched the show. Can you even believe it!? I half expected Bob and Jillian to jump through the TV and slap us up!

I was really worried when the first challenge resulted in two contestants going to the hospital. How can it be good to push people that hard? Where do you draw the line between pushing someone outside of their comfort zone to show them they can overcome, and actually pushing them to their breaking point? It was like watching drill sergeants in a military boot camp. One comment Jillian made particularly irritated me, about how it pisses her off when contestants don't work up to their potential. How can she know what each contestant's potential is? Isn't making someone vomit and/or have to go to the hospital crossing the line? Yikes!

Then came the weigh in, and I could hardly believe my eyes. People losing 20 pounds in a week???? How is that even possible? It took me over a month to lose that at first. (and no, I wasn't eating pie!) I know that calories can only be cut so far, so the answer has to be all that exercise. Maybe Bob and Jillian are doing the right thing after all? I know this is a TV show and that the extreme limits these people are pushed to are not realistic for most people. Maybe they make it look worse on TV than it really is? I don't know, but whatever the case, I found myself feeling motivated to pump up my workouts and push past my own self-imposed boundaries, and that's a good thing. I jokingly suggested to a friend I should ask my husband to yell in my face and swear at me while I'm on my treadmill to get me going faster or something, but she reminded me that could be dangerous for him if he does that at the wrong time of the month. LOL!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to following the contestants this season and stepping up my own game in the process.

By the way, does anyone have experience using those Bodybugg arm band monitors that the contestants are using to track calories burned? I'm wondering if those things are really accurate and a good tool to use or if it's all hype.
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    Darn, I missed it -- didn't realize it was on. Will try to catch it next week.

    About weight loss, the bigger you are, the more you can lose quickly (although some of it is water). I happen to be on the small side, so I lose weight very slowly -- it will take me about 2 months or more to lose 10 pounds. (I do Weight Watchers.)
    3507 days ago
  • KTROS1
    I was a drill sgt for 3 yrs. It is important to know how far you can push someone. Remember that we only saw a tiny bit of what was going on. How many times did they quit during that week that they didn't show? I wouldn't curse someone out because it just reinforces negative behavior but I can see that the first week they will have to find out who is weak minded and be able to push them harder not only to lose weight but to believe in themselves. I, personally, would not respond well to someone cursing at me. I am so inspired and motivated by these individuals on the BL. I tape it so that when I work out I can watch it. I wish that none of them would have to go home during those 3 mths. Why can't they stay but just not be able to compete for the money? All in all, I have to say that Biggest Loser has helped alot of people and not just people on the show!
    3507 days ago
    I also watched the show and to be honest with you I felt making them do a mile the minute they got there was a wee bit too much.. I felt they needed a day to get use to it and no wonder two had to go to the hosp?

    I'm sorry but if I had of been some of them I would have slapped Jillian in the face when she kept belitting them with the f words and calling one of them a b.

    I know people have to understand that is a part of what the show is and that they have to be pushed but she is a monster when it comes to no I didn't say they should get excused for not working out and they shouldn't boohoo or why would they be there but hey there is a limit as to what a 479 person can do until they have worked out a little while isn't there?

    I wonder what will happen when someone keels over and dies?

    I guess the answer would be that they signed a paper....

    With all that said I do love the show as I feel so close to those people that need help so bad..

    I just think they need to set miss Jillian down and have a chat with her as to how rude she really is...not everyone wants to look manly like she does...we just want to look better and have better health....

    Of course this is my opinion only...

    3507 days ago
    I am sorry I missed it, people have made mixed comments on it. I will have to see if I can catch a re-run ! :-) Have a good Wed.
    3507 days ago
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