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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mr. Harry Kitty, aka Jungle Kitty, who has passed on and can be seen on my photo page, was a very handsome fellow, always ready for a special occasion in his black and white tux. A police officer friend rescued him from a very busy highway! I guess the first 4 weeks of his life were very traumatic. Who knows what happened to his mommie?

This explains, maybe, his habit of sucking his tail, lol. He'd get on my lap, start that circling pattern, going round and round until it felt just right and his long tail was trailing behind him enough so he could get it in his mouth! Down he'd plop and suck happily, like a contented baby with his pacifier! He'd also get under the covers with me and do the same thing.

If you petted Mr. Harry, you had to watch out for his soppy wet tail!

Rosie, my current kitty, gets on my lap, stretches out on her belly, and scoots up towards my face a closely as she can. Then she settles down and looks me right in the eye with a look of utmost adoration, lol. Makes me feel like I'm the most important person in the world.

She's also a licker! Licks my hands, my arms, my feet, my face... Will NOT lick anyone else, thank you very much, so there!

Care to share any cat cuties of your own?

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    That was so funny. Yes she does suck on my earlobe. Onry did too, but I got her to stop by "growling" at her and she would stop.

    The one good thing about Lucky, once she falls asleep, she is good. But we play a regular game when I get into bed. She will jump on my arm until I put it under the covers then she will lay on my hip and swat at my hand. Or she climbs on my headboard and dive bombs my head!!!! But I honestly do love her and wouldn't get rid of her. I get her spayed the 29th of Oct so I am praying she will calm down then.

    As soon as I get in from work, she is waiting and mewing, so I have to put my stuff down and pet her, then feed her. We do play some, but the minute I stop, she wants more attention. I think deep down she has some separation problems from being left in the dumpster. (Is that a good excuse) Thanks, I love your kitty stories.
    3174 days ago
  • --KREN
    Sharon, I LOVE the part about her sucking on your ear!!! LOL.

    We had a cat like that once. A stray. Don't remember how he got to us. Solid black long hair. Lots of good names for him, but he quickly became.............KITTY MONSTER!!!! He deserved every letter in that name, lol. He'd sit by the bed, like an angel, and wait for us to sleep. Then SUDDENLY, he'd jump on any part of us that twitched even a little and you'd have to fight him off, lol. Many more stories, but he disappeared one day when he was only about 6 months old. We lived in a very rural area... have no idea what happened to him.

    I'll think back to some of my ex-friends I don't like so much, and see if they want a KIND, LOVING kitty, lol. - Karen
    3174 days ago
    Rosie sounds like the cat I would LOVE to have. I had a cat, named Onry, for 14+ years. She was a calico and I loved her dearly. She was my friend, my companion and my baby. She got an aggressive form of bone cancer, which spread rapidly, even after having some of her toes removed.

    I had to put her down November 2006. I swore I would NEVER EVER have another cat. Well, I was lonely and got a black mixed kitty that was found in a dumpster with her brothers and sisters.

    Her name is Lucky. I named her that because she was lucky to be alive. Now I am going to have her name "legally" changed to either Diablo or Spiteful.

    She IS the cat from hell. If you could see my arms and legs you would think I had some kind of skin disease, because of her. When she is loving, she is very loving, HOWEVER, that is far and few between. She will sit on my shoulder (after climbing up my back as I am sitting, with her claws OUT), and will sit there like a bird and sucks on my ear lobe.

    She has more toys then the kids down the street. LOL What does she play with? My arm and fingers. She is so spiteful, if I am on the phone or computer, she can't stand it and will jump up and bite me or knock everything off the desk. Sometimes I will be loving her and petting her, and all of a sudden she will turn on me and spit at me as she bites me. It is a very quick motion.

    She is constantly walking on my table, and I detest this. Onry NEVER did any of these things. If I told Onry no, she went about her business and just figured "oh well, mommy said no". Not Lucky, she actually lies in wait for me. My biggest fear is I have severe varicoise veins on my left leg and I am scared she will rip them to shreds.

    I've tried everything I can think of. I even bought Good Cat from PetSmart, which is supposed to calm them down. Oh NO way, it made her worse. Last night I was eating a piece of turkey and I swear, she flew up at me and grabbed it just as I was putting it to my mouth. Well, the spray bottle was out and the newspaper and she got BOTH.

    I am seriously ready to throw in the towel. I have always loved cats and I miss Onry so much. She was a 28 lbs big old calico with so much love and life.

    I love Lucky, I just don't know what to do anymore. The vet said to spray her with vinegar water, but she doesn't care. Like I said, when she wants to be loving, she is and purrs so loud.

    Sorry Karen, I think I just overcame your blog. Thanks for asking and if you know of anyone who wants a very LOVING KIND kitty (5 months old) let me know!!!!! LOL
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3174 days ago
    I was never one to keep cats long because they all got killed but one day I went to the Humane Society and bought a blue Russian kitten. He was strange to begin with. When he got older he always climbed up to the window of the room I was in and wanted in. At night I had a coverlet that had little knots on them and he'd suck on those knots before going to sleep. One day I came home with a new boyfriend and he was 2 blocks away and when we passed he headed running for home and when we got there he jumped in the car. I called him pyschic. I had him for 7 years until a tornado killed him.
    3174 days ago
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