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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I got a really great swim workout in this afternoon. Oh I was feeling amazing after amazing in fact that I didn't notice the the GIANT FREAKING BLISTER that's developed on the ball of my right foot! The workout happys have passed (other people call them endorphins but I prefer my naming) and boy oh sweet jebus in a manger I can feel it now! Its like a throbbing being in its own right, I think it just filed for a social security number actually...

You may be asking how on earth did she get a blister in a pool? And you know what, I won't even mock that question as it's a fair one really. I can't swim. Don't worry, I can prevent myself from drowning. I learned after I did actually drown; it was all very dramatic, but that's a story for another time.

My "swim" looks like a cross between a doggy paddle and some kind of seizure. As awkward as that may look, it wouldn't stop me from doing it in public. When you're born without grace, you develop a fine sense of the ridiculous and the self-delusion that people are laughing WITH you. But according to my heart rate monitor, running hard in neck high water burns more calories than my sort of-swimming. So I pace myself on the people who are really swimming and try to keep up with them running in the water. In order to get much forward (or backward) movement I have to push off with my feet. I did this for a bit over an hour and managed to get a mile in! I am just a barrel of awesome.

You ever seen someone running in neck high water? It's not much prettier than my swim stroke. In fact I made a couple new friends at the gym who stopped to ask me what the heck I was doing.

The first guy was the one I was sharing a lane with and accidentally hit in the thigh. Hey, he joined MY lane and I gave him fair warning I was clumsy, here's how I said it: "Nope, I don't mind at all, but I'm really clumsy so I might accidentally hit you" Well, I did and I said sorry and then he asked what I was doing, so starts the "I can't swim, but I like the water" explanation. He told me he thought that was cool ( but I bet he doesn't ask to share my lane again LOL)

The 2nd guy stopped me as I was getting out of the pool to ask me if I was recovering from an injury. My laughter boomed and bounced around the pool area and I gave him the "I can prevent myself from drowning but I can't really swim" story. He was chuckling with me and told me it was great that I was in the water anyway.

All in all it was a nice swim workout and I got a laugh out of it too!
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  • KIERA09
    This past summer I tried water jogging, its much harder than it sounds or looks! and you look like some old character in a silent movie...when it's recorded and played at different speeds. Totally and fantastically awkward!
    3909 days ago
    I just all the time I've known you.....I've never been in a pool with you! O_O We can share a lane some time darlin, we can jog and flail together :D Hopefully we don't leave with black eyes lol

    Water jogging is never pretty - I did it for 30 minutes last week and must have burned extra calories laughing at myself the whole time hehehehe And maybe try water shoes so your feet don't get blistered?
    3911 days ago
    I used a buoyancy aid to get my feet off the floor of the pool as a kid, and one day just let go of it- and swam!! Try it one day, you can only drown- but shave first- body hair is such a drag! (running joke, folks, not a personal attack!)! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3911 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3078821
    There are buoy belts they make for water aerobics classes that you can use to go running in the deep water. The belt keeps you afloat, so you can't sink. And boy, is it hard to run when you don't have a floor to push off!
    3911 days ago
    that's great! is the pool at the gym? my gym actually offers water aerobics, both classes for swimmers and people who want to keep their feet on the ground. I haven't tried H2O aerobics yet, but I've heard great things about it and want to try it someday.

    fair warning, you get those blisters from walking on the pool floor too. I used to have them all summer as a kid. keep up the good work!
    3911 days ago
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