Why didn't I do this sooner?!

Monday, September 14, 2009

For at least 4 months, my husband had been asking me if I would consider omitting all meat from our diet. Like most Americans, I shuddered at the idea of never eating meat so I always told him no. He never pressed me about the issue and he seemed rather aloof about the whole idea anyway.
Our lifestyle is very healthy in comparison to the average American consumer. We have raised our 3 1/2 year old to love whole foods . I doubt she has eaten white bread more then a handful of times in her life. She has no problems eating veggies and especially loves raw brocolli and sprouts. Her love of fresh fruit would rival an adults, who knows and understands the benefits of whole foods. She rarely eats meat and prefers to get her protien in the form of nuts and beans. I knew that if we ever decided to change our lifestyle to that of a vegan or vegitarian, she would be the one in the family to feel the change the least.
So what made me change my mind you may ask. Well I have to be honest with you. It really had mostly to do with health reasons. You don't have to do more then walk outside your house to see the damage and destruction that we are doing to ourselves with the fast food nation we have created. If you are like me, I don't have to even leave my home. Just walk into any room with a mirror and I can see it in the reflection of my own body. I have been shoving this bad food in my body for the majority of my life and it has done me no good whatsoever.
Let me say this first. I have been a member of Sparkpeople for some three years now and I have learned soooo much about food and myself to ever ever be able to repay those who created this site. My life has greatly benifited from the knowledge that I have gained here and I am so thankful for it. I was 320 lbs at my heaviest and so very unhappy with my health. I had a great life with a great husband and daughter but I knew I was not fully living it being as heavy as I was. I changed my habits and have never looked back. I began to eat better and fastforward three years I am 40 lbs lighter and much happier. I still have much to lose and still battling it. Which brings me back to my choice to go Vegan.
I had been eating pretty healthy for some three years and still the weight stayed on. Exercise was helping some but not much. I was maintaining my weight loss which was great but I wanted more. Thats when I watched The Beautiful Truth and made my choice that night to take the plunge.
Our eating habits were good already so fortunately, we only had to omit poultry and fish from our diet. We already drink rice milk so cows milk was no problem. Eggs have not been missed since we rarely ate them. Once or twice a month if that.
Some people choose to go vegan for ethical reasons but honestly that was the last reason for me. I agree that the living conditions of livestock and poultry is very very VERY bad and inhumane. But I also realize that it will take the collective consumer population saying"were not buying from you until you change the way you treat the animals" before something is done. Im not gonna go "crazy peta protester" on anyone if they choose to eat a burger or steak in my presence. Nor will I make snide remarks to those who choose to eat processed foods which I am super against. I can only control what I put in my mouth and until my child is of age to decide for herself, what she puts in her mouth as well.
One thing I know is that eating whole foods and from the earth as they say, has so much benifit, I would be crazy not to do it. Its just day three and I already feel as if my mind is begining to clear. It is the oddest feeling since I never knew it would feel this way.
So heres to our health and the future !
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    great blog! Since joining SP I have gone flexitarian and eat most meals with no meat. It is a lot easier to control the calories this way. Not ready to do the vegan thing, too many nutrients I´m struggling with here in Brazil. But who knows? That day might come and I do lean in that direction most of the time! Feel so much better leaving out the red meats and next to no processed any more too!
    3948 days ago
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