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Sunday, September 13, 2009

So another Homecoming has come and gone. It's always a little bittersweet. It was so lovely to see everyone, we ate and laughed and drank and laughed quite a bit more. Somehow we managed to pack 400 Milts into one restaurant and it was loud and rowdy and in general great fun! We partied from 7:30pm until 1:30am and this party involved some booze. Ok, a LOT of booze... I looked cute but I don't have a single picture to prove it dang it! I blame the long island iced tea.

Somehow in my 31 years I have never personally experienced an LIIT. Yes, I feel like I can nickname it, I'm intimately acquainted now. My SO ordered one, so I had a sip out of curiosity and was instantly hooked! They're delicious! How could I have not had one of these before??!!? Well I had made up for lost time and had 3 pints...

I feel like it is my duty to warn as many people as I can of the tricksy nature of the LIIT. They are smooth and sneaky and will beat you into a drooling state of senselessness and you'll just stand there and take it until you fall down.

Normally I don't drink or eat anything that I don't know the ingredients to but after the first half of my first LIIT, I didn't seem to care - which should have been a warning sign right there...It was somewhere around the middle of the 3rd pint that I was informed that there are about 6 shots of hard liquor per glass...uh what??? because in addition to the LIITs, I had a chocolate martini beforehand...troubling....

I don't regularly drink because I prefer to chew my calories thank you very much, but for realsies, those are some tasty drinks! In addition to not at all tasting like they have that much alcohol in them (well any at all actually) they are PACKED with empty, useless, straight to fat calories...5oz of the LIIT = 295 calories...I had about 50oz. Its fair to say I went over my alloted daily amount.

My dogs could care less if I've been drinking - they still need to potty and being the generous souls they are they give me the option of taking them out or letting them soil their crates. There's no amount of alcohol that would let me forget what a mess they're capable of - so after the party it was doggy time and then finally bed. I was really grateful to see my bed at 2:30 this morning. Also following the same train of thought, they don't care if I've only slept for 4 hours, they still want to pee and have breakfast no later than 6am.

I did NOT like them much this morning, I have to admit. My pups booming barks were like sledgehammers to the face and the chihuahua's little yapping yips were the equivalent of pencils driven through my eardrums. Thankfully my son was in a cuddling, post-stomach virus recovery mode and we lazed the day away on the couch watching such fine films as Stuart Little and Over the Hedge with a little Ice Age thrown in. We both ate bananas and animal cookies and water. I supplemented with a steady regime of ibuprofen and now at 8pm am starting to feel human once more.

Please beware the Long Island Iced Tea, or LIIT, it will kick you in the face and not look back. Don't be fooled by it's crisp, slightly tart and refreshing flavor. This is the devil's juice.
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    ahhhh. Long Island Iced Teas. You've just taken me back to 1987, thank you very much. Whoooooooeeeeee!

    They ARE good.
    3914 days ago
    No pics?! Well, sounds fun, anyway. Part 1 at least. :)

    Did you have any Secret Admirers? Dish!

    3914 days ago
    hahaha I am glad you had such a good time! those LIIT will definitely kick your butt before you even notice it. those and apple-tinis always do the job for me.

    I read your previous blog about the school and I just wanted to say thanks for sharing. It sounds like a wonderful place to be educated and I'm glad you had the opportunity to be there.

    3914 days ago
    ...No photographs?!! Dammit woman, you have a public duty to provide evidence of cuteness!! emoticon

    (or at least, the evidence of the afterburn effects of overindulgence- it's such a long time since I did anything to excess and it's comforting to be reminded of why I stopped...!)

    Glad to hear the kiddo is recovering, btw. bless!

    3914 days ago
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