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Sunday, September 13, 2009

I started my weight loss journey January 6, 2009. Thus far I have lost 45 lbs. But I reached that goal in July, here it is September and I have gained and lost the same 5 lbs over and over and over again. At this point I can do one of 3 things, I can go hard-core on my low carb plan like I was at the beginning of the year, I can go back to eating 6 small balanced meals per day, or I can decide that I'm destined to be fat for the rest of my life and quit. A low carb plan is not nutritionally or realistically a long-term plan, it helps to jump-start a weight loss routine but it does not help to maintain one, so I'm going to change the way I have done things, we all know the old phrase if you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always gotten! I have had to work so hard to change the way I think of food (eating is not a past-time or hobby or an outing to enjoy with friends, there are other activities to catch up with friends or to fill a day). I have to change my attitude about exercise (I like going to the gym, at one point I was going 6-7 days per week, but lately I have been lucky to get in 3-4 per week, exercise is non-negotiable, I have to embed in my brain that I do not have 2 hours to devote to the gym every work-out but 20 minutes is fine on those days that I am sooo tired or that I have 1 million things to do, it helps to eliminate excuses and to stick to my program).

I can NOT quit, I am destined for greatness NOT fatness lol....I have to continue to pray and work on my attitude and outloook and to have patience. Its been 8 months and I'm thinking I have ONLY lost 45 college homecoming is next month and I wont be 70 pounds lighter by then like I had anticipated but perhaps I can be 50, if I continue to practice a healthy lifestyle at least I won't be the same weight I was last year. Life is about progress and growth (inward not outward growth lol) at ANY rate, not by a certain deadline. I was honestly ready to give up, but I started to think about the many people that I would let down if I did, this is not all about me, I have sooo many positive people cheering me on and encouraging me and complimenting me, I am very fortunate as I know a lot of people who are constantly facing negativity and sabotage in their battle to get rid of the extra weight. I'm glad I came back to sparkpeople after not logging in for nearly 3 months. I took a look at 2 of my fave sparkgurls pages (AI Candy and LynnBelton) and I see that they have been on their journeys for nearly 2 years or more, and they are still not finished. They look amazing and have made remarkable progress, They didn't lose 100 pounds in a year like I had hoped to, they have lost the weight over time and they simply took things a day at a time, they had setbacks, they cheated at times, they gave in to temptation sometimes, they had plateaus, they had to make some changes, but they have not given up, they have fallen off of the wagon at times but have always gotten back on. This is a wagon, you have to fall off sometimes and get back on and go harder than you did the time before. So No more lofty goals for me...setting timelines is asking for trouble because the moment you realize that you arent going to reach your goal, what do you do? Give up? Beat yourself up? Decide that you aren't meant to have a healthy weight ever? No! I have to keep going for however long it takes. I have 33 more pounds to lose as a first goal, but it does not matter when I reach it, I just know I need to get there. I am going to stop weighing everyday, thats agonizing! I'm following my sparkgurl's advice of weighing every Sunday and measuring every other Sunday. I will check back in with you guys and let you know how this new attitude and newfound patience is helping me!
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    This is something I understand totally and am going through it myself. I weighed myself so much it irritated me, so I threw the batteries away for now, I'll buy some in about a month still I am getting back on the horse. But I realized alot that I need to take time for myself and stop being so impatient for the weight to come off. I am taking this one day at a time.
    4050 days ago
  • EPIPHANY77718
    Wow! I had just written a blog about 30 minutes ago about making changes and then i come here and you're talking about the same thing. I guess that's what it is all about. Change. You have done a GREAT job so far. 45 lbs is nothing to sneeze at. When those plateaus come, and they will come, just switch up your routine or work out harder or tweak your food choices. The scale will move. I wish you continued success on your journey. Keep up the good work!!!!!! emoticon
    4297 days ago
    45lbs is more than some people can lose in a're gorgeous inside and day at a time. We can do this...
    4303 days ago
  • RENA1965
    Put up your nutrition page and actually look at what your eating. Try to even follow sparks menu's changing out stuff you don't eat for something you can and will..

    Many times people can stay with in the limit of calories but it is the quality of calories that make or breaks you getting past that 5lbs barrier..

    I wrote a blog on the quality of our food, many times refined foods make the body react differently than we thought..

    Good luck and keep up the battle..

    4334 days ago
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