Pedometer Headaches!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I am trying to get 5,000 steps in daily. My pedometer was accurate I thought, but then I noticed some discrepancies. I noticed it would click when I made a step and I think this is want it is supposed to do. When I was around the house it seem to work find, I had it clipped to the waist of my panties. When I went to work and had it clipped to the waist of my pants.....then the problems began. Because I am a nurse I have to carry many things in my pockets and I think they interfered they interfered with the 'clicking' and I was not getting an accurate reading. Does anybody have any suggestions? I think I need a different type of pedometer. I only paid 11.99 for it. Also does it work if I sit in the chair and do some steps (I know I should be standing but sometimes I am sO tired at the end of the day and I still have gotten my 5,000 steps in)?

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    Hi there, I have a question. you are a nurse and are only getting 5000 steps a day? Something tells me your ped is off more than you think, is yours an active nursing job or do you sit a lot?
    I have on OMRON ped, the kind that uploads to the computer, works really well, paid about 35 for it, works in a pocket, around your neck, on your waist. The best I have had and figuring out your stride distance really is not hard.
    4253 days ago
    Hi, Walnut! I have to agree with Maria here. I also have an Omron, the model HJ-112, and have never had a blip of a problem. I paid about $19.00 for it last year on Amazon. I've replaced the battery only once so far. But fortunately, I was able to find the replacement batteries on Ebay for about 5 for $5.00. Since I live on a limited income, I always perform a lot of research when I put money out for something such as this, and the Omron model had many of the features I wanted. Plus, it also received a lot of good reviews from several resources such as fitness magazines and walkers alike. I like that fact that I can either clip it to my person (it has both a well-made clip and a leash), my purse, or just throw it into my pocket because it is able to record your walking efforts from many different positions. My daughter is happy because I told her that she will be receiving the HJ-720 for her birthday in a few weeks. It is almost the same as mine, except that model also comes with software and a USB cord so she can download all her walking information directly to her computer. She's looking forward to that!
    4254 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5285708
    I hope you can work things out. I spent more money on mine and I am happy with it. I also only count the steps.
    4257 days ago
  • T42AND24T
    They do, I think, need hip action. I just concern myself with steps - the mileage feels wildly innacurate to me. For me, it is primarily useful as a tool to remind me to move around. Good luck,

    4260 days ago
    I have one I purchased from Walmart and it suits me fine. I had trouble setting the stride length and tried to check it against the number of laps I took around a local track. It would either give me more miles or less miles.Anyway, I recently started using the step feature since I could never seem to get it to show the correct number of miles.

    Also, you need hip action in order for your pedometer to work. I don't see how it would pick up steps while sitting unless you're lifting your leg high. And if you're doing that then you may as well throw in the leg extensions and call it a day.

    Good Luck!
    4260 days ago
    Hi, why can't you continue having it clipped to your panties? I do when I wear mines. And besides, it keeps me from checking it too often. For it's your hip movement that helps calculate the steps. Then again it has to be positioned correctly.

    I agree with the step stride measurement. I just want the steps calculated. As for when you sit, you might get one but I don't think so. Up and down motion.

    emoticon . Keep working with it, don't give up yet.
    4260 days ago

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  • no profile photo CD1508102
    Good luck on finding the right one. I'm so happy to see your blog. It's been a while! Have a beautiful day.
    4260 days ago
    I only count steps because setting up step length was a nuisance and terribly inaccurate. Number of steps is the important thing any way. Good luck with increasing number of steps taken. Shoapie
    4260 days ago
    I've gone through a lot of pedometers... some freebies (don't bother) and some purchased. I finally bought the "Working Advantage by Sportline" for around $25 and I really like it. I count steps so I don't worry about the mileage but I imagine you need to be very careful about measuring your average step length when setting it up... and know that your step length when walking for exercise will be different from your steps inside your house with daily chores etc.... Mine isn't sensitive enough to count when I'm taking steps while seated, such as rolling around on a rolling stool. When looking for a pedometer, I would NOT recommend buying one that talks out loud (unless you can't read the small numbers) because I was constantly setting that off by bumping it and it got rather embarrassing when the room suddenly quiets to hear "You've taken 3,109 steps" in a mechanical voice!

    Hope that helps a little bit. Bottom line... don't skimp on the price. You get what you pay for.
    4260 days ago
    I have pedometer woes, too. I have the one that came with the Sparkpeople Starter Kit. It's overly sensitive. I found it logs extra steps... I'll walk down my hall and count my steps, look at the pedometer, and it will have registered several more. It also registers steps when I'm driving and go over bumps in the road! No to mention it falling off every time I bent over... also adding extra steps when it hits the floor.... So, I've not worn it in a while.

    I looked at purchasing an Omron, but didn't since one came with the SP kit I had already purchased. Perhaps someday I'll "upgrade" :)
    4261 days ago
  • LINDA25427
    Good luck with your steps I use one from walmarts because I keep losing mine. I don't think they work when you sit down. Hope everything works out . God bless. emoticon
    4261 days ago
    I actually purchased a good pedometer, also an Omron, that works when carried in a pocket or even a back pack (great for hiking).
    4261 days ago
    I have an omron that I like. It's about 5 years old. I researched pedometers on consumer reports before I bought it. Ordered it on-line. I think pedometers generally don't count well if the steps aren't taken consecutively. I know it doesn't count all the single steps I take in the kitchen when I'm cooking etc. The same thing may be happening when you are working. I've never tried sitting down and taking steps.

    I do the "walking away the miles" dvd's at times. It doesn't come up with the same milage, but I think that's because there are a lot of kicks etc. in it.

    That being said, I really like my pedometer.
    4261 days ago
  • CHUCKLES0719
    I have just joined this team because I am 50+ FEMALES, FIT AND FEELING FABULOUS! Actually, I am approaching 70 and still getting FIT AND FEELING FABULOUS!!

    I had almost given up on pedometers. Seems like there is something wrong with each one. I have thrown several away. However, I'm waiting for a new one to arrive soon. Hope it is accurate and doesn't cause any problems.

    4261 days ago
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