The Difference in Eating Habits

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tonight hubby and I went to Swiss Chalet for dinner. He had asked me yesterday if I would go and I said yes, knowing what I was going to have ahead of time.
This is how it went down
I had a baked potato with two teaspoons of sour cream put in the middle to melt and add flavour.
He had french fries.
We both had the quarter chicken white meat. He removed the skin. I kept mine. I love the skin, even though I know it has a ton of sodium and fat.
I had a garden salad with a teaspoon of chalet dressing drizzled on it for a bit of flavour.
I had the fresh vegetable medley.
As you can see, he had no veggies whatsoever.
I had a glass of ice water with a wedge of lemon. He had two cups of coffee with cream.
I had a multigrain roll, plain. He had a white roll with two pats of butter.
I had enough. He had hot apple pie with two scoops of ice cream for dessert.
I had a wonderfully healthy meal and felt great when I left. I wasn't bloated or feeling tired or anything. I did not feel overly full. You know that feeling where you are so stuffed you can hardly walk? I did not feel that at all.
Hubby weighs 120 pounds soaking wet. The way he eats makes me ill, but I can do little to change it. I told him he is clogging his arteries and will die of a heart attack. His answer"Eventually yes, but that's okay" When I spoke of how many calories and sodium I had most likely consumed he grinned and said " I had more than that in just my french fries".
I get no support from this man when it comes to eating. Not once has he commented on me losing weight at all. In fact, if I hadn't done most of the talking, like normal, we would have likely eaten in total silence.
The funniest part about this is, if he ate the way I do, he would probably put weight on. If I ate the way he did, and I did at one time, I would weigh 600 pounds if I kept it up.
We seldom go anywhere together. I feel that when we do go out and he eats the way he does, I am having my nose rubbed in the fact that I cannot eat that way. I never have been able to, because my metabolism is not like his at all. Luckily, all my sons got his metabolism and none have to worry about the way they eat. However, all of them eat vegetables and fruit, because I introduced them to those things young and they enjoyed them as they do now.
Oh well at least I had a good meal, if nothing else. emoticon
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  • SUSAN134
    You did well at Swiss Chalet! Good for you (I know how hard it is to stay on track at a restaurant). Interesting how your eating habits now differ from your hubby's. My hubby is a grazer and never eats much at one time, but what he does eat should have his chlorestral shooting sky high - amazingly when he had his physical a couple of months ago, everything was perfect.

    I'm fortunate that he does not expect me to eat like him, and because his hours/travelling are erratic, I don't have to constantly be cooking for him. In that aspect, I'm so lucky that I can concentrate on foods for me. I'm also fortunate that he seems really interested in my weight loss progress, his support has meant a lot to me.

    I'm hoping as you get even further along Deb, that your hubby will show more support and interest.

    3512 days ago
    Yes you did and that was great, except for the skin, I have never liked it. It is amazing to read about your hubby, because he could be a twin to mine, except for the weight. Since I have really been paying attention to what and how much I eat, he is eating 3 times what he used to. His life style all ready gave him a heart attack, and one day in the future there will probably be another. His comment, "Something's going to get you anyway." MEN!! Also no comment on my weight loss.
    3513 days ago
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