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Friday, September 11, 2009

Today's blog is very difficult for me. I was turned away at the Blood Bank because my weight is too low for my platelet count; and my platelet count was much lower than ever before. A decent enough level, but not for my weight and not for my history. The pheresis machine would not allow me to be hooked up.

I had tried (successfully) to lower the amount of cholesterol consumed - there was no change whatsoever on my cholesterol count - and all it accomplished was to lower my platelet count because of eating less meat products. The protein and fiber in black-eye peas is extraordinary but I guess it will not make platelets. Some of us really do need to eat meat products.

I do not have a cholesterol problem and never have. My walking is a natural way to lower my cholesterol. My platelet donation is a natural form of blood thinner.

I was advised to gain back 5 lbs.

After much soul-searching while driving home I told Ray of my thoughts. He loves the new me. Before he could say anything I acknowledged that it was a cop-out on my part because he loved the old me too, even at 210 lbs. He said he loves me at any weight and thinks 125 would be terrific.

I told him I really like wearing size 4 jeans. But I admitted that is only vanity. I want to be healthy and I had decided that if I was ever turned away from the Blood Bank it would mean my weight was too low for my body. Today that happened.

I made a Pro-Con list in my head and all the reasons to stay where I am have nothing to do with health. Yes I do feel great but I worry about occasional dizziness too. I have plenty of energy but I feel a sugar drain sometimes and need a mint. I am a borderline case of blood sugar; I can go either way, high or low. This is because my father has a low blood sugar and my mother had high blood sugar. The doctor said this combination often shows up in the offspring as borderline.

It was not an easy decision, but it was an educated decision to add a couple of pounds to my weight and see where I am in 2 lbs and hopefully in 2 weeks.

This gives new meaning to One day at a time, One pound at a time.

**edit 9/12- I have decided to go for the entire 5 lbs as recommended!
123 is a beautiful number! I have changed my weight ticker to reflect 123 but no, I didn't gain 5 lbs overnight. Today I am 119.1 again. Tomorrow? We shall see! But this way I am now eating to maintain 123 lbs and my Nutrition Tracker is reflecting this as I gain.

My goal is to have a Zero Deficit or even a Negative Deficit for a slow gain back up to 123!

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  • JLBART74
    WOW I cant believe that you can lose too much weight. Oh wait never mind. You can be anorexic. At least the doctors were honest with you.

    This was one reason I set my goal at 125 to begin with. If I feel that I need to lose more after that I will change my ticker then but only after I get there.

    WTG on figuring out what you are going to do.
    3145 days ago
  • _VALEO_
    I now understand better your yesterday's feed. I'm glad you consulted your doctor on that matter, what is important is to stay healthy, even if it means 5 lbs more.
    Do you know that having a few extra pounds is better for our health? (and I'm not talking about being overweight here, but being in the middle of normal BMI.)
    3147 days ago
    Linda. I can only think that it does not make sense to create one unhealthy life to make another healthier. Know what I mean?

    You have worked very hard to get where you are but a number is not what matterrs here. What matters are at least 2 lives.
    Think carefully before choosing a number about being your healthiest.

    Love ya,


    3147 days ago
    This one really hit home for me.

    My oldest son is a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with he was 2 yrs old. His type of cancer meant that he often could not produce mature platelets. Because this kept his blood from clotting correctly, he was in constant danger of bleeding to death....even from a simple bruise.

    People like you who donate platelets saved his life.....many many many times. There were several times when donations were down and sometimes it was a scramble to find someone who was compatible AND willing to give.

    I was always grateful for those who donated....I never thought of the challenges the donating people might also be facing!

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for wanting to help others. I wish you all the best. Do what you need to do to keep yourself strong and healthy! After all you have accomplished, I am certain you will clear this hurdle too!
    3147 days ago

    You are so generous to share the details of your journey with us. Thank you for that!

    BALANCE (physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual) is the quest for us all and HEALTH is the true goal! Determining what those are for each of us is the challenge. Our lives and bodies, while similar, are each unique.

    I admire your process of determining what is most appropriate for you. I love your pro and con list! You really had decided to stop at 120 and then got excited about going a little lower. Now you have been given another signal that your first goal was more appropriate. You already know that the number on the scale does not define you. You are an amazing human being and I am proud to call you my friend!

    I am looking forward to the next installment of your journey. I know that you
    will be successfully back at the blood bank soon!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon Janet
    3147 days ago
    Linda you are so determined. I bet the blood bank's decision was just reaffirming what you probably already knew. Based on the borderline sugar etc. It's probably best that you gain a pound or two. I know it's disheartening, but staying healthy is sooooooo important.

    Way to make the hard decision!!!
    3147 days ago
    I agree!! Your health is of A#1 importance!! I don't think that you'd alter your looks that much at all...and you'll still fit in your 4's. The dizziness concerns me, too. That could cause you or someone else an injury...Sure not something you need to deal with!! I know already what you'd advise one of us to do...It will be OK!! I promise!! emoticon
    3147 days ago
    Linda you are successful no matter what the # on the scale says. You did it!!! Being healthy is really where you need to be. I think your 2 pound then see plan is a good one. Keep that dizziness in check though no matter what. Size 4, 2 pounds, 5 pounds......you'll ALWAYS be a 10 to me!!!
    Blessings and Wisdom in your decision making,
    Debi emoticon
    3147 days ago
    I think you're making a good decision. You've worked so hard to become healthy, you want to be sure to maintain that healthiness. Otherwise, what have you really accomplished? You just swapped one unhealthy extreme for another. To say that you listened to your body to find the right weight for you (even if that means gaining 2-5 lbs) and to maintain THAT weight is the best accomplishment anyone can have!
    3147 days ago
    I'd seen your status yesterday on my iPhone and I wasn't worried about your weight, I was worried about your health. I didn't know and still don't know what the side effects of having a low platelet count is, but I tried to send you positive thoughts and prayers, for your understanding of dealing with your own issues. I 'm glad that you've decided to raise the bar so to speak. I was thinking the worst, if your platelet count was too low, what other effect could it have on your body or your life. Good luck with getting it back in control. I know you will be able to be a donor again soon.

    Hang in there,
    3147 days ago
    I agree with everyone! The "fight" wasn't just about losing a certain number of pounds, it was also about gaining control! And THAT, my friend, you have done, and will continue to do, at whatever weight YOU choose to maintain!! emoticon
    3147 days ago
    I love my size 4's too but if my doctor told me to gain 5 pounds, I guess I'd heed that advice
    and just be glad he didn't say 25! The 5 pounds might not correct the problem but the dizziness is scary. See what happens. No matter what-you are still a winner! emoticon
    3147 days ago
  • MARTY19
    I guess it is not the size of your jeans - it is the health of your body. If giving platelets is something that is important to you, than another few pounds added on might be the ticket. I do worry about your dizziness.

    3147 days ago
    I was turned away once, I think it was just before TOM.
    I would say, make sure you feel 100% your best, and eat something before you go to the blood bank. Going on an empty stomach is a bad idea.
    Even if you decide to gain a few pounds back, it will not affect your size immediately. I always hear that 3 kilos is one size (6.6 lbs). So if you gain 2 or 3 pounds, you should still be able to fit into a size 4.

    Btw, now in Japan, I can't even give blood anymore, because I'm European and I might have mad cow's disease!!!!!!!!!! even hubby who has spent 4 days in England with me gets turned down. Silly country!
    3147 days ago
    Something to think about, definitely. Sorry you were turned away from the blood bank though. I would also love you, no matter what! You are a great woman!

    3147 days ago
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